Issue of Miscommunication Assignment

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IntroductionThe present tasks provides information on resolving a work based problem. Different levelsrequired to be communicated in different styles. effective time management strategies can beused for managing the work on time. 4.1A work based problem of mic-communication can be resolved through various ways. Thesehave been discussed below:Be creative: the work based problem of communication can be resolved by being creative. Thisinvolves seeking for innovation options and alternatives for solving the problem. As creativity isconcerned with moulding the alternatives for resolving the problem, it helps in addressing theproblem through a number of ways. The communication procedures within the organization canbe designed according to the hierarchical levels. Delegate: this is another method through which a work based problem can be solved. Theproblem of miscommunication can be resolved by delegating the responsibility to two people atdifferent levels. This will ensure that the information is conveyed to the concerned personwithout being missed. As there will be two persons at different levels responsible forcommunicating the same piece of information, it will reach in a timely and accurate manner. Analyse: This is another method of solving the work based problem. The issue ofmiscommunication can be resolved by analysing the situation to the ground level and identifyingthe root cause of miscommunication. The cause identified can be prevented in future to avoidany miscommunication. Also, by identifying the cause, suitable strategies can be adopted whichwould help in avoiding the problem. 4.2Preparing solution of work based problems is not sufficient because it also needs to be implement in proper manner at the workplace. Usually it is observed that when solution of any 1
problem is identified it is very important to make solution comprehended to relevant entities so that solution can be implemented with consent of all entities in proper manner. There is need to communicate solution of relevant entities and in this regard two ways are generally adopted which are given below.Negotiation: Under this process solution of work base problem is communicated to other entity and their point is identified means whether they are satisfied or not from solution. If it is identified that they are not satisfied with the solution then in that case an attempt ismade to find out point where consensus can be built with them. In this way negotiation proved very helpful in communication and solving problem in business.Presentation: It is another effective way of communication as under this stage presentation is prepared under which solution of work based problem is communicated tothe relevant entities. In this regard simply meeting is conducted under which there is presence of top managers and middle level managers as well as aggrieved entities. After presentation comments are received from all entities on solution of problem. If anyone have any sort of issue then same is solved by following particular approach. Thus, in this way this method of communication proved effective for the business firms.It depend on the firm that which of the above given approach it used to communicate solution of the business problem to any entity. Audience must be taken in to account while selecting any one of these approaches. Both of these are effective and can be used to communicate solution of relevant entities.4.3 Various time management strategies are used for managing the work. These includeprioritization, scheduling and delegating. Though, the use id time management depends on theproject that is being undertaken, the following strategies can be used:Prioritization: The various tasks are arranged in priority order. Often this comprises ofcategorizing the tasks as important and urgent. As per this strategy, only the tasks thatimportant as well as urgent are done first. The tasks that are neither important nor urgentare taken at the last. 2

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