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Issues and Challenges in Managing Healthcare Services

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Added on  2020-02-05

Issues and Challenges in Managing Healthcare Services

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Dissertation Outline
Issues and Challenges in Managing Healthcare Services_1
Topic: Key issues and challenges in managing healthcare services in emergency and disaster inRelief International in UK1. Subject area for the project and brief rationale for choiceThere are various natural, biological and societal disasters and emergencies due to whichhealth of vulnerable populations may be put at risk. These include earthquakes, tsunamis, land-slides, floods, cyclones, epidemic diseases etc. It also includes technological disasters such astransport clashes, radiological agents etc. As a result of these disasters, there is caused disruptionof health systems as well as other services and facilities. As a result of this, people who are hit bynatural disaster are not able to access health care services. Relief organizations are involved inproviding non- military or humanitarian relief during the times of emergencies and naturaldisasters. Relief International is a non- profit organization that works with the aim to reducehuman suffering by responding to natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies (ReliefInternational, 2016). Relief organizations work with partners to arrange healthcare services in emergency anddisaster situations. This requires development of capacities so that timely response and recoveryis provided by adopting a more proactive approach. However, these organizations face variousproblems during provision and management of healthcare services in emergency and disaster,which are important to be considered and mitigated. Therefore, the present research will beconducted to explore the key issues and challenges that are faced by Relief International inmanaging healthcare services in disaster and emergency. 2. Specific research question What are the key issues and challenges faced by Relief International, UK, in managinghealthcare services in emergency and disaster?3. MethodologyPrimary data collection methodology will be used for this research as it will help inproviding updated and realistic information regarding the issues and challenges that ReliefInternational faces while managing healthcare services in disaster.Research design: For the present research, exploratory design will be used. Research philosophy: A combination of interpretivism and positivism philosophies willbe used. 1
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