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Issues Faced by Christ the King Catholic Church

Added on - 27 Jan 2020

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The Interview
In the present scenario, various debates have taken place based on both; religion as wellas secularism in the Public Sphere. These debates are being done with increasing frequency aswell as sometimes, with vehemence. The place of religion in society differs from nation to nationlike among Muslim and western countries. One of the major issues in today’s era is to decide theway in which all systems of religious authority will make and maintain their relationship with therest of civil society (Wilson & Bruce, 2016). From the interview taken from a community leaderwho is running a religious organisation in Australia, discussion done on different issues will beshown in the essay. The community leader of a religious organisation chosen is father of Christthe King Catholic Church that is situated in 3 Cantrell Street, Yagoona – Bass Hill, NSW, 2199,Sydney, Australia. The Parish Priest over here is Fr. Dinesh Macwan. Currently, Fr. DineshMacwan who is running a spiritual organisation, that is, Christ the King Catholic Church isfacing issue with regard to live and behave being devout in the societies that are secular inAustralia. It will be discussed in detail as well as the difficulty which he finds to effectually dealwith the perceptions of him or his faith in society would also be studied. Apart from that, there isone more issue with which Fr. Dinesh Macwan is going through like the way in which he needsto respond towards changing social and political conditions in Australia which will behighlighted here in detail.Way in which community leader manages being religious in a secular societyIt can be said that religious organization is the complex of institutionalized roles andprocedures that prove to be highly influential for regulating the relations of men with thesupernatural order. But, it can be said that such an order may be considered. Under the same,regulation of religious practice can be involved along with promulgation of true and suppressionof false. In addition to this, policies and procedures for hiring and educating people along withprofessional socialization of religious specialists are also there (Religious Organization,2016).Apart from that, territorial and temporal coordination as well as the control of religious places,periods and premises are some of the factors included in establishment of this control in additionwith equipment and such property and temporalities.When the interview was conducted withFr. Dinesh Macwan who is running Christ theKing Catholic Church, some of the questions that were asked from him are like:Question 1: What is your responsibility being the community leader and to run a religiousorganisation?1
My responsibility being the community leader and while running a religious organisationis to spread peace, harmony and love among people of all religions. However, as I amrunningthe primary school of Christ the King Catholic Church in Bass Hill, Sydney, Australia thatfollows Christianity, I have the responsibility to spread my religion in a secular society in whichI face issue of being religious.Interpretation– It can be inferred that there are always some tension and potentialconflicts exist in between the political and religious authority in Australia (Norris & Inglehart,2011). However, sometimes, these tensions prove to be beneficial as each party here challengesto become better in comparison to what they are in the current scenario. However, most of thetimes, they prove to be very dangerous as when one corrupts the other and make it worse, it leadsto create violence.Question 2: What is the main issue that you face from political authorities of secularnation?Major issue which I faced from the political authorities of secular nation is that thesebodies always give more preference to their religion and people who follow it. They do not givemuch importance to other religions because of which their decisions are mainly biased whichcreate dissatisfaction in the minds of citizens. Thus, in this situation, it becomes difficult for meto make people understand to treat all in an equal manner even if the person is from secularsociety.Interpretation- In this case, it has been assessed from the interview that Fr. DineshMacwan who is working in Christ the King Catholic Church faces issues from politicalauthorities who follow Islam as he desires to have Christianity to be dominated to have controlon the civil society of Australia. As the community leader does not have any kind of control ordirect authority over political situations, this is the reason he needs to involve many indirectefforts by which Christianity can be spread in Australia at a larger level (Nynas, Lassander &Utriainen, 2012).Despite the wealth of religious scholarship, many studies have been conducted on thereligious organisation with which the way community leader manages being religious in secularsociety can be determined. In order to gain detailed knowledge about the same, sociologicalanalysis proves to be highly helpful.Question 3: Does organisational theory has any relevance with the non-western religions?2
According to me, as I amengaged in Christ the King Catholic Church, I need to managebeing religious in a secular society. I can say that organizational theory is having a very littlerelevance to non-western religions. Thus, it is difficult for me to make people understand theworking culture in western nations who are from secular societies (Rosenak, 2011).Interpretation- In Western Christianity and Judaism, these are the religious roles andprocedures that play a crucial role in constituting the articulated structures in line with rise in theself-consciousness of people with respect to bureaucratic models. However,Fr. Dinesh Macwanbelieves that even in the West like in Australia, the level or limit of this approximation is not sohigh because of inherent nature of religious pursuit.As per the father ofChrist the King Catholic Church, dominant organizational mode ofWestern society patterns can be categorised in accordance with affective neutrality, performanceexpectations, role specificity, even universalism as well as self-orientation (La Cour & Hvidt,2010). According to him, they all are in greater or lesser degree and highly related with thereligious organisation or communities in Australia.It can be critically analysed in the words of Max Weber who has made a comparativehistorical analysis which although not specifically concerned with organization as such but gavein-depth detail about the way in which religious organisations following western culture getaffected through secular society, that is, Islam. Apart from that, there are many more typologicalstudies conducted by Joachim Wach that remain the outstanding works in this field.Question 4: What according to you is the most important part in the life of people ofsecular nations?As I am running primary school named Christ the King Catholic Churchin non-westernnation, I can say according to my experience that spiritual activities are considered as one of themost important and an intimate part of the life of local community here (Smith, 2015).Interpretation– It has been inferred from the interview done with Fr. Dinesh Macwanthat in the life of people who are from secular nations, the most important part is to worship anddo other spiritual activities. It is because; they give major importance to their religion which ismore than any other thing in their life.Apart from that, these usually lack an independent as well as the articulatedorganizational structure. However, he believes that the association between communal activitiesand regional religious centres will always be strong is not essential. It is because; it has been3
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