Problems Facing British Airways

Added on - 31 Oct 2019

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Issues in British AirwaysCause of the AccidentThe main reason for the crash of British Airways plane was barely missing the edge road atHeathrow and adjacent buildings, which were not secured by aviation security requirementsduring that time. The Boeing 777 aircraft had lost its power as a result of a confined flow of fuelto the two engines. This accident of aircraft craft was held on 17 January 2008 which was due tothe development of ice in its fuel framework of the aircraft in which 136 passengers weretravelling. The ice was considered to be framed from water which occurred normally in the fuelwhen the temperature of the air craft fuel was at some "sticky range", which means the crystal ofice were destined to hold fast to their environment. (Siddique, 2010).The fuel oil heat exchanger (FOHE) on this aircraft was defenseless to confinement when it wasa high centralization of the soft ice as well as the fuel temperature was less than - 10C. With lostpower, the British Aircraft was landing from Beijing, was coming downside inside the landingboundary at Heathrow, which was 330 meters small of the runway. The aircraft slid by 372meters before stopping. The left landing gear crumbled as well as the right landing gear isolatedfrom the plane. The aircraft had lost speed during its landing, the group was hailed as legendsafter the aircraft crash – endeavored to build the thrust of engine, yet no reaction was noted fromthe its engines. (Siddique, 2010).In general, the free water is converted into ice when this water is cooled at very minimumtemperature (less than its freezing point) in the airplane fuel tanks where the cooling strategy isthe impact of the TAT on the lower wing skin of the aircraft; which is the water close to the wingskin that is converted into ice. High fuel flow like that was experienced during an approach can
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