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Running Head: Issues in London 1Studying LondonThe issues that London’s minority communities have in relation to crime
Issues in London2Topic: The issues that London’s minority communities have in relation to crimeThe big question is that what kind of issues are facing by London due to minority communities.Firstly, the essay will explain some of the issues that London’s minority communities have inrelation to crime. A minority group is differentiated from the social group which as specificpower. It is necessary for the growth of the country to consider the ethics as it helps to increasethe trust of people and reduce the crime. Black, Asian and mixed-raced people are considered asthe minority communities in London and most likely to be both victims and suspects of crime.There are various incidents have taken place in the street of London which will be described inthe essay. It is necessary for the government to take initiate action to prevent these kinds ofcrime. It has been found that black men are inappropriately the victims of violent crime in thecapital of UK. The Metropolitan Police has been released an informed debate on a sensitivesubject for the very first time (FitzGerald, Joseph, Qureshi and Hough, 2013). The conclusionwill be drawn by analyzing the various issues due to involvement of minority communities ofLondon in crime.
Issues in London3Safety is the major concern of the foundation of London’s success which helps to make the greatplace to work, visit, live and do business. The minority communities in London can be found inthe form of Asian, Black and mixed-community who found in more involved in the crime in thecomparison of white people (London Govt, 2017). It has developed the bad image of thiscommunity all over the world which affect on the tourism as well as on the people who residesover there. There is required to make the changes which are vital but less visible such ascomponents of policing that prevent the most vulnerable people. In the context of issues, it hasbeen found that there have been enhances in some of the most hazardous and terrible kinds ofcrime like child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, theft and rape. It is required for London tohave the specialist police officers who should be able to recognize and prevent the mostvulnerable people. It would be helpful to investigate complex offences and to prop up victims. Ithas shown that the offences are increased in London day by day due to minority communities(Hall, 2012).The involvement of London’s minority communities in crime is huge in comparison of whitepeople. There is a deep racial inequality across the country. In the populations of Black, Asianand mixed adult populations, a higher part of people in professional jobs or managerial job hasattained experiences of crime in comparison of those people who has same ethnicity in enduringunemployment (Draca, Machin and Witt, 2011). It has been analyzed that white populations aremore unemployed adults who experiences crime in comparison of adults in professional andmanagerial jobs. In the report of Alderson, it has been analyzed that over 12% of London’sapprox 8 million populations is belonged to black community, involving those of mixed blackand white percentage; on the other hand only 69% is white. The figures of polices reflects thatblack men are involved in crime twice in which 29% of the male victims are referred to the gun
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