Issuing the First Progress Report

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Running head: PROGRESS REPORT 21Progress Report 2Name:Institution:Affiliation:
PROGRESS REPORT 22Progress Report 21.0 Executive SummaryThe aim of this progress report is to inform my academic supervisor on the progress thatwe have made since issuing the first progress report. The supervisor will be able to see themilestones that have been made on the, “Breathe Again Project.” It will also show the goals thathave been achieved as the project progresses and challenges that have been faced. In the firstprogress report, different organizations had been approached to see if they could support with theproject. A framework for the project had also been made and a power-point presentation was –tobe done in preparation for an expected presentation. The community was also to be updated onthe objectives of the project. Vision West and the housing clinical leader had been approached tohelp in getting families who will be beneficiaries of the project, which involves giving carepackages to the less fortunate members of the society.2.0 IntroductionMichelle and I founded the “Breathe Again” project and it involves giving care packagesto less fortunate society members who are homeless. My supervisor and the project manager atCommunity Waitakere have already approved the project. The next step is to look for familiesthat we will support and businesses that will be willing to sponsor the project. We will be linkedto the homeless families through Vision West and The Ministry of Housing clinical leader. Apower-point presentation has to be made to them concerning the project before they can assist usto get families (Banks et al, 2013). Once all these things are done, we can come up with theappropriate packages and the project can kick-off.
PROGRESS REPORT 233.0 Record of Results3.1 Sponsorship LettersWe were able to do more sponsorship letters and used them to approach more businessesaround the area. We also took advantage of some events, which were happening, in theWaitakere area to publicize our project and give out letters. There was a business forum in one ofthe conference center and we were able to give a small speech to the businessmen and womenwho attended. There was also a community event where we also spoke concerning our project.Many were impressed and promised to call or get back through our email (Wates, 2014). Someof the schools around the area were also interested in giving back to the community hence wealso took sponsorship letters to them. We got email replies from five organizations.3.2 Power-point PresentationWe finalized with the power-point presentation and showed it to the supervisor. We madeit short, precise and catchy so that it would enhance our presentations (Vanclay et al, 2015). Thepresentation gave a summarized overview of our project and helped people see our vision interms of what we were really aiming to achieve. It also enabled Michelle and I carry out separatepresentations whenever we were given two similar appointments by different customers. Thismade us reach out to a number of business people.3.3 Meeting with Vision West and Ministry of HousingThe meetings with Vision West and Ministry of housing happened in early November.We were able to make our presentation to them and they felt that we had a very good project.The said that the number of homeless people in New Zealand was on the rise hence they wouldappreciate any innovative projects that would help to take care of the homeless people. Theyinstitutions said they would help us get families that needed assistance but suggested that we first
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