ISTM 6201 Information Systems Development Assignment

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Enterprise Business Travel
Management System
ISTM 6201: Information Systems Development
Team 5
Yusuf Al-garni
John Hankes
Gloria Yu
Table of Contents
Document Approval5
Document Revision History6
Project Plan6
Project Scope6
Problem Statement6
Business Objectives7
System Capabilities7
System Request7
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)10
Gantt Chart11
Staffing Plan11
Economic Feasibility15
Project Methodology16
Decomposition Diagram18
Use Cases & User Stories20
Requirement Traceability30
Change Control Process30
Process for Change Identification and Documentation31
Process to Validate and Assess Change31
Process for Change Control Approval and Scheduling32
Process for Documentation Change32
Change Request for Two Changes34
Change #1: Implement Single-Sign-On (SSO) Privileges34
Change Request #2: Fix Bug for Service Booking Flow36
CRUD Analysis38
Domain Model Class Diagram38
State Machine Diagram39
Entity Relationship Diagram40
System Sequence Diagram41
Business Process Modeling Notation
Recommendations for Develop vs Purchase
Data Normalization Tables
Logical Table
Physical Table
Mock-up of User Interface
Test Plan
Roll-out Plan
Close-out Plan
Table of Figures
Figure 1: Gantt Chart11
Figure 2: Reporting and Communication Structure12
Figure 3: Economic Feasibility15
Figure 4: Context Data Flow Diagram17
Figure 5: Level 1 Data Flow Diagram17
Figure 6: Decomposition Diagram18
Figure 7: Use Case Diagram20
Figure 8: Activity Diagram - User Registration22
Figure 9: Activity Diagram - Manage Booking24
Figure 10: Activity Diagram - Manage Itinerary26
Figure 11: Activity Diagram - Manage Updates28
Figure 12: Domain Model Class Diagram38
Figure 13: Behavioral State Machine Diagram38
Figure 14: Logical Entity Relationship Diagram39
Figure 15: System Sequence Diagram40
Figure 16: Business Process Model41
Table of Tables
Table 1: System Request for Business Travel Management System9
Table 2: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)10
Table 3: Staffing Plan13
Table 4: Cost/Benefit Analysis14
Table 5: Technical Feasibility16
Table 6: Market Feasibility16
Table 7: Use Cases & User Stories19
Table 8: Use Case Description - User Registration21
Table 9: Use Case Description - Manage Booking23
Table 10: Use Case Description - Manage Itinerary25
Table 11: Use Case Description - Manage Updates27
Table 12: Traceability Matrix29
Table 13: Change Control Decision Matrix30
Table 14: Change Control Log Template31
Table 15: Change Control Form Template32
Table 16: Change Control Form For SSO Implementation34
Table 17: Change Control Log for SSO Implementation34
Table 18: Change Control Form for Bug Fix36
Table 19: Change Control Log for Bug Fix37
Table 20: CRUD37
Document Approval
Travizon Travel ManagementMarch 7, 2017
Project Sponsor
John HankesMarch 7, 2017
Portfolio Manager
Yusuf Al-garniMarch 7, 2017
Portfolio Manager
Gloria YuMarch 7, 2017
Project Manager
Document Revision History
1.03/7/2017Initiation Plan & Project PlanJGY Tech Solutions
2.04/4/2017Project PlanJGY Tech Solutions
3.04/25/2017PlanJGY Tech
Project Plan
Project Scope
Problem Statement
Travizon Travel Management Corporation faced large 2016 Q3 revenue losses due to
high churn rate from its current enterprise travel management system. Based on data
from the 2015 Business Travel Survey conducted by Travizon, business travelers are
still facing major pain points when planning their travel trips. Pain points include storing
travel documents in a central location, receiving real-time flight and weather information,
tracking baggage, and reporting travel expenses.
JGY Technology Solutions is tasked with developing a new enterprise travel
management system to serve Travizon Travel Management enterprise customers.
Business Objectives
In contracting JGY Technology Solutions to create a new enterprise travel management system,
Travizon Travel Management hopes to achieve the following business objectives or key
performance indicators:
Reduce enterprise customer churn by 30%
Increase enterprise customer sign-ups by 10%
Increase travel booking rate by 15%
Increase net promoter score (NPS) by 10%
System Capabilities
The new system is an enterprise travel management system that allows corporate
employees to conduct the following functions:
Book a business trip online
Store travel documents in one location
Access and share itinerary information from mobile devices
Track real-time flight and weather updates
System Request
Table 1: System Request for Business Travel Management System
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