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ISYS3375 Business Analytics

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ISYS3375 Business Analytics Note: You need to submit your answers in a word document. You need to transfer the results from theexcel file into the word document. In addition, you must submit your Excel files but note that only theword document will be marked. The results of running analytics platform solver have been provided in the Excel file. Then you don’t needto run analytics platform solver, you need to answer the questions based on the results provided to you invarious worksheet of the excel files.SECTION A: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS1-Explain the concept of having the imbalance data in classification techniques and the way thatit should be treated in developing the classification models?2-Explain the concept of over-fitting. Explain how overfitting can be avoided?3-Give two examples of how logistics regression can be used. You only need to explain theproblem. One example is the bank that are using logistic regression to classify its newcustomers for loan approval. The bank wanted to identify customers that are more likely todefault on their loan. Explain why you cannot use linear regression in your examples. (5+4+6 = 15 marks) SECTION B: QUANTITATIVE QUESTIONS 1.There are 500 client records in the first sheet of the file Toy-Info which have shopped manyspecial toys from an e-Business website. Each record includes data on types of productpurchased (between 1-5), purchase amount ($), age, gender, marital status, whether the clienthas a membership and whether the customer has a discount card. A business analyst has applied the k-means clustering method on all seven variables. Theanalyst increased the number of clusters to recommend a proper value of k. The resultant testsfor k=5 and k=6 shown in the following sheets of the file revealed the best k as k=6.a)Explain how the analyst found that k=6 is a proper number of clusters. Refer therelevant sheet name, table name and the values you compared. b)Describe all 6 clusters by their average characteristics. (5+5=10 marks)2-In order to improve the overall quality of a new material, a chemist experiments with the effectof two indices (A & B) on each other in her laboratory. In the following table, the values of theseindices have been captured for each experiment:No. of experimentIndex AIndex B124829915224729915324729991425329807525129965623029620723229526823729383923329345102422971111242295701224529822
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