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Writing MemorandumName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
To:[Please insert professor’s name and designation]From:[Please enter your name]Date:06.11.2017Subject:Addressing the IT and network issues in ABC Private Ltd.I am writing this memorandum to present my final project topic for research that will meet yourexpectations. This memorandum will address the issues present in the network infrastructure andIT system of the ABC Private Ltd. Company. I have faced several network related problems anddiscovered certain IT security issues while working in this company. I am writing thismemorandum to propose certain solutions to overcome the identified limitations of the company.ProblemsABC Private Ltd. is a medium sized organization that provides IT solutions. This company has200 devices that need to be managed and there are two people who manage the internal network.They are not dependent on any vendor. There are several networking and IT related issues thatexist in the company. They are as follows:Wireless connection issues: It has been seen that most of the wireless devices of the employeesare unable to get connected to the Wi-Fi. These devices are unable to detect the access points.The reasons behind this problem are channel interference and dead spots. This is a major issuethat causes delay in the operations.Application response issues: It has been seen that the company has encountered slow applicationresponse. High usage of bandwidth can be one of the possible reasons behind this issue. Theapplication generally freezes or halts at the time of data access.
Lack of centralized management: This Company uses conventional approach to manage thenetwork. Therefore, tracking configuration changes, updates and carrying out every managementtask individually will be time consuming as well as repetitive.Internet speed: It has been seen that the speed of the internet is slow. The employees facedifficulty in carrying out their work because of the slow speed of the internet connection. Thisaffects the productivity of the business.Security issues: I have found out that there are security issues related to the BYOD devices inthe organization. The employees use their mobile devices to carry out certain tasks. This leads toflexibility and improves the work quality. The loopholes in these devices can allow attackers tohack the sensitive documents of the business. This company uses outdated equipments that cancause data or security breach and corrupt the important documents.Proposed Solutions and BenefitsThe company has two people for managing its internal network.Virtualization solutionscan beused by the company for managing the network and server infrastructure from within thecompany and even from a remote location. Thecontractfor network management should begiven to an experienced service provider. This will save the time of the company and improve itsproductivity as the change, compliance management and configuration services will be providedby the vendor.Wireless monitoring toolscan be adopted by the company for measuring signal strength. Thiswill be able to solve the wireless connection issues. Use ofpacket analyzerequipped along withsimple counters can be used for overcoming the problem of slow application response.Automating the backup processwill help to save employee time and will improve the
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