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Running head: IT ETHICSInformation Technology EthicsName of Student-Name of University-Author’s Note-
IT ETHICS1“Will Automation Kill or Create Jobs?”Automatic techniques is increasingly proliferating in this modern world of technologies.The automation system involves robots that are used to make the cars, and the involvement ofartificial intelligence that helps in driver less vehicles (Murren & Block, 2017). The roboticsystem has changed use of manual labors or workers in factories or in banks as well. System areautomatically run by artificial intelligence that has advanced software solving critical problem inminutes (Will Automation Kill or Create Jobs?, 2018). About 5 percent of the occupation withhuman involvement has been already replaced by the automation system. This leads with theinsecurity of jobs for the common people.The most affected sector by this advancement of technologies and robotics, is the laborsection of people, the truck drivers and the taxi drivers driving vehicles, and the employees offactories and banks. The mining industry has started the use of automatic loaders eliminatingmanual workers. The vehicles are driven mostly by artificial intelligence leaving the trucksdriverless. This takes the job of human leaving them jobless. About 2.2 million to about 3.1million jobs will be altered by the self-driving vehicles (Pandey, 2018). The skills that areinvolved in the factories are also replaced the automation techniques. The workers involved inbanks also are replaced by advanced skills of technologies taking the jobs of the workers. Theadvanced technologies have advanced software programs that enables advanced math solvingtechniques.With the automation system, the common people are facing difficulties regarding theirjobs (Strawn, 2017). The automation system is helping to do all the works very efficiently andhelps improve in advanced working. But, the automation system does not follow all thetechniques of ethics. The four ethics techniques that are described in this essay is the
IT ETHICS2utilitarianism, deontology, virtual ethics and contract ethics. All four ethics related to this caseare explained below in details:Utilitarianism is the first ethics that is to be followed by all system involved in theenvironment. Utilitarianism means involvement of actions in a system that gives maximumutility. To maximize the utilitarianism, the utility of the system is to be maximized so that itgives it best activity (Chakrabarty & Bass, 2015). Determination of right from the wrong isinvolved in utilitarianism. In this case study the utilitarianism ethics is not involved the outcomefrom the advanced technology is not satisfying the utility of the humans. The people are leftjobless with the involvement of advanced technology.The second ethics that is to be followed is the deontology ethics. The deontology ethics isa relationship between the work or duty of the system and the morality involved in humanactions. The word deontology is means duty of science. The deontology ethics involves doing ofall the actions involved with the system morally (Bowen & Prescott, 2015). In this case study,the deontology ethics is also not followed as the morality for the common people are notfollowed. Because of the advancement of technology, the people are losing their jobs affectingthe moral ethics of advanced technologies.Third ethics theory is the Virtue theory of ethics. The individual character in the mainpart of this virtue ethics rather than rules or consequences about the topic. The virtue ethicsinvolves quality or habit of a person that helps to succeed them in life. In this case study, there isno such virtue of ethics (Farah, 2015). As the case study deal with automation process, the virtueof ethics is not followed in this as it does not involves any personal character of an individual.The persons involved in this case study are the common people who are left jobless by theautomation system of improved technology.
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