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IT Security & Technology Landscape
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For building and maintaining the traditional form of the IT, environments are very costly
(Miller et al., 2014). Therefore, there are hardware and the servers, implementation of the change
in the infrastructure of the management, installing the software, maintaining the posture and the
proper security services, providing the robust of the development and testing the environments
that are responding to the business that highly demands the quicker form of the dedicated and the
skilled staffs of the IT (. While there are several common place for the models of the several
shops of the IT, the technologies implemented by cloud that have begun to make the difference
for making the serious forms of the inroads for changing the way in which the shops of IT
operates (Miller et al., 2014). These are some of the way in which the technologies of the clouds
are changing in a rapid manner.
The major forms of impact of the cloud computing models are on the infrastructures of
the IT. For the process of migrating the models that are been carefully considered as there are the
hardware and the software that are affected by the internal way in which the IT firms processes
and therefore this process should implement the change in the relationships with the vendors
(Webber & Vincenti, 2016).
For companies that have a stringent regulatory-driven IT environment, such as banks or
insurance companies, the change to using cloud resources requires a well thought out plan on
how IT can respond to future industry changes due to political and economic situations.
There has been a steady amount of growth in the number of the “ransomware’ Trojans
that are been used for trying to extort the money for the individual users. These encrypted
programs are being the data of the victim that are displayed as a message that asks the victim
about the transfer of the money to the author of the programme that are using transfer of the
money that are payee through the services of internet payment (Asplund & Nadjm-Tehrani,
However, there are computer that are there for the combined form into the networks. The
activities that are performed in these bot networks or the botnet those are being using in the
websites or in the accounts of the Twitter (Denning, Kohno & Levy, 2013). However, if the
botnet have any sort of the single command servers and it is possible for taking it down once in
their location that has been identified. Nevertheless, in the recent years the cybercrimes have
been developed in a more complex form of the botnets that can be employed in the model of peer
for avoiding any sort of failure (Denning, Kohno & Levy, 2013). The Storm Worm that was
e3stablished in the early 2007 has been the pioneer for this method, it has been, and there has
been a huge number of implementation of the botnets since then. However, it has been until few
years back when there has been the most numbers of the epidemics that are involved in the
worms that are being hijacked for the mail systems for the distribution in a proactive manner for
harvesting the additional form of the contacts that are being infected by the machines as they
have the tendency to fade. Now it has become the trend to have the increasing amount of the
malicious programmers who are deliberately being spammed to the victim machines.
The rapid usage of the malicious form of the code have been the only form of the method
that have been used by the cyber criminals for gathering the data that are personal for making a
large amount of money in an illegal way. The phishing involves the tracking of the people and
disclosing their personal identities like their Pin codes, ID details, passwords etc. These hackers
then use these details for the money under the influence of the false pretence. The phishers can
create a duplicate account of the person and can use the legitimate logos, make references and

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