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ITECH 1006 - Assignment On Database Management Systems

Added on - 03 Mar 2020

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Running Head: ITECH 1006 -DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSITECH 1006 - Database Management Systems[Name of the student][Name of the university]
ITECH 1006 - DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS1Table of ContentsER Diagram2Normalization2Data dictionary5Database schema7Bibliography11
ITECH 1006 - DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS2ER DiagramFigure 1: Entity Relationship Diagram of TopFit(Source: Created by author)NormalizationThe normalization is a concept of reducing redundancy as well as dependency of data toorganized a database design. In other word, it can be define as splitting large relation into smallerrelation and link using their functional dependency.However, here some entities are in 1stnormal form and also have single column ofprimary key. According to the TopFit gym background study the above entity relationshipdiagram is created, where all tables are decomposed up to 3rdnormal form.
ITECH 1006 - DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS3Figure 2: Decomposing relations to eliminate transitive dependency(Source: Created by author)At first a member is associated with the class and staffs, therefore if member, class andstaffs are representing in one relation. This relation can be defining as 1stnormal form, but whenit separated in three different relations as well as all of them contains one primary key than itcould be a 2ndnormal form. After that evaluating the functional dependency among theserelations, if any transitive dependency found than that relation is decomposed in 3rdnormal form.
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