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ITECH1101 – IT Problem Solving

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Running head: ITECH1101 – IT PROBLEM SOLVINGITECH1101 – IT Problem SolvingName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
ITECH1101 – IT PROBLEM SOLVING1Part 2 – Hackathon ReportJournal Entry: Day 1Tasks Attempted Today: Analysis of the ProblemI have done an extensive research on the current topic of the specification of theHackathon Assignment and have thus analysed the problems with the alarming rate of the riseof accidents on the roads. The primary reasonbehind the accidents that occur in the roads arehigh speed and rough driving in the roads, lack of self-control among the drivers whiledriving, lack of proper driving experience of the drivers and many others.There are manydrivers who drink and drive the cars who create a lot of fuss on the roads. These reduces thelack of safety on the roads. These accidents could be solved with the proper use of variouskind of measures of safety. The lack of proper kind of safety measures has been a major areaof cause in affecting the accidents in the roads. This results in the loss of lives of people.There are many problems with the elderly people who drive their cars on the roads. Withaging they lack the sense of judgment, proper vision and many other kind of problems, whichcan affect the quality of driving their cars. This also affects the safety on the roads. Thesekind of reasons could be a major factor of the road related accidents. Based on the identifiedproblems faced within the rise of accidents on the roads, I have created a schedule of theproject based on the management and thus maintaining the proper timeline for the purpose ofproject development.Based on the analyzing of the problem, I have found out the fact that there is a majorarea of concern for the safety on the roads. The drivers should follow the basic rules that arealready set and should abide by them. The drivers should keep a constant check on theconditions of their personal vehicle. Whenever the driver would notice any kind of bouncing,unnecessary shaking or swaying within the cars, they should service their cars at the proper
ITECH1101 – IT PROBLEM SOLVING2time in order to avoid any situation of accident on the roads. The drive on the roads should besmooth and comfortable rather than putting the driver and the surrounding people at the riskof facing accidents. It is also the responsibility of the traffic police in order to maintain thelevel of traffic on the roads. At times, the traffic police fail to control the level of traffic onthe roads, which may be a high cause for the accident on the roads. Thus the application ofthe robotic technology within the cars would be able to solve the current problem.Journal Entry Day: 2Tasks Attempted Today: Technique of Solving ProblemBased on analysing the discussed problem, I have found out the technique ofresolving the above issue.In order to solve the problems that are arising with the road relatedaccidents, there should be proper measures in order to overcome and address the issues. Theuse of robots related technology is of major use within the issues of safety with the driving ofcars. The use of driverless cars within the system could be a major life saving decision for thepeople. These would help in improving the efficiency of driving in the streets and congestedareas. In the case of human driven cars, it is extremely important for the drivers to possesssensory skills, which are extremely crucial in order to control the speed of the cars and thusmaintain the accuracy of driving. The driver should have the perfect knowledge of driving soas to avoid the high chance of colliding with any kind of objects.The use of robot technology within the system of driving could be a major life savingdecision in the recent times. It has been found that in the recent times technology hasincreased to a much higher level with the rise of various kind of sensors and efficientsoftware, which prove to be useful for the issues related to driving. A self-driven comprisesof various kind of embedded sensors, radar, cameras and the use of artificial intelligence(AI), which is meant to cover major destinations without the intervention of human related
ITECH1101 – IT PROBLEM SOLVING3resources. In order to declare the car as a purely autonomous vehicle, the vehicle should beable to fully able to operate on itself. The vehicle would be able to navigate itself to apredetermined location with the use of sensors and the proper use of software. There aremany vehicle companies, which have mainly focused on the testing of the autonomous cars.The companies include BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen, Volvo and Audi.Journal Entry Day: 3Tasks Attempted Today: Discussion on the working of self-driven carsBased on the above discussion of solving the problems based on the rate of accidents,I have found that the proper working of the self-driven cars could be achieved with the use ofproper kind of technology. It has been also found that the technology of self-driven cars havebeen backed up with the use of technology of artificial intelligence. The primary developersof the self-driven cars make the proper use of huge amounts of data. The data would begathered based on the systems of image recognition, along with the use of neural networksand machine based learning in order to develop systems, which would be able to drive thecars autonomously.The neural based networks are based on the identification of different sets of thepatterns within the data. These networks are being fed into the various algorithms of machinelearning. The data would include several images that would be captured from differentcameras that are already set on the self-driven cars. These images would be meant to identifythe curbs, traffic lights, signs on the street, pedestrians and several other parts of the providedenvironment.While conducting an extensive research, which I had conducted on the topic it hasbeen seen that there are several companies who are working on the growth of the technology.The example of a self-driven car is one which is being manufactured by Google. The name of
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