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ITS536 | Interactive Page Design Architecture

Added on - 04 Mar 2020

ITS536, we focused on creating an Interactive Page Design so that teachers all around the world can be engaged by sending the various projects to learn, tasks, videos, questionnaires, emailers, surveys, etc. The paper contains information analysis of the requirements of the client, and her main requirement, in this assignment we will also discuss employees engagement, its importance, limitations & delimitations. Interactive webpage design strategies, principles







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Running head: INTERACTIVE PAGE DESIGN ARCHITECTUREInteractive page design architectureStudent Name:University Name:
INTERACTIVE PAGE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE1Project BackgroundBeyond teaching is a leading crowdsourcing platform that is associated with educationsector. The company has over 500k subscribers and over 200 corporates associations and veryhigh college associations. The corporates give various jobs to the beyond teaching and as acrowd sourcing platform the teachers and members bids for the completion of these jobs. Beyondteaching reaches to a large number of teachers and associates with them for various project work.It is like a freelancing site only for teachers focused on only one genre. This project focused oncreating an interactive page design so that teachers all around the world can be engaged bysending them various projects to learn, tasks, videos, questionnaire, mailers, surveys etc. Thisproject will help to devise a solution for the company by reducing drop out, keeping customersactive on the platform.Detailed analysis of client requirementsMain requirement of the clientThe client of this project is mainly looking for possible engagement models/methodsusing which they can keep the teachers engaged. The company intends to build an engagementplatform on the website where company can also communicate to teachers and teachers benefitfrom such engagement. The company is looking to leverage IT solution which might help withthe case. The client requires the project team to investigate for optimizing the business processesand investigation of strategies to keep users engaged. In this project, feasibility study will beconducted on the engagement model in context to the Beyond teaching platform. The mainrequirement of the client is to design an interactive page in their platform so that the companycan communicate with the teachers while there are no big projects and keep them engaged with
INTERACTIVE PAGE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE2the company. The interactive page will also help the teachers to communicate with other teachersall around the world.Social learning enables accentuation to be set on true associations amongst individualsand the learning procedure. In this manner, instructors can build up their learning andinformation obtaining through web-based social networking devices. Such instruments can makemore elevated amounts of social learning given the speedier and more extensive access toindividuals and assets. Subsequently, instructor learning can happen anyplace, whenever,upsetting their present information systems (Pallud & Straub, 2014). With constant, customizedand self-governing learning, punctuated by social learning techniques, instructors progresstoward becoming deep rooted students who are side by side of changes happening in the trainingdomain and know how to apply these progressions to their present settings. Exceedingly viableinstructors are effectively ready to break down expanding measures of data, and modelinformation procurement, numerous educators are doing this through the advancement ofProfessional Learning Networks, or all the more regularly alluded to as a Personal LearningNetwork (PLN).A huge component of a viable PLN is that it is customized, educators learning specialists,decide their own needs and objectives and utilize their associations and systems to secure dataand build up their insight. As instructors attempt to make and participate in a PLN theypersistently put forth these inquiries with a specific end goal to customize their insightdevelopment (Lalmas, O'Brien & Yom-Tov, 2014). Another basic point in assessing therequirement for instructors to end up plainly present day learning laborers for the 21st century isthe possibility that information specialists want diverse workplaces. They are aspiring and longfor self-administration; they need to have self-rule. At the point when instructors take control
INTERACTIVE PAGE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE3over their own particular learning through building up a PLN, this self-governance in what theyneed to realize and how they need to learn winds up plainly clear. Through this adaptable andself-ruling learning, they are creating higher aptitudes, utilizing and constructing information andproceeding with self-advancement. Imperatively, the creator accentuates that educator self-governance, through consistent long lasting adapting should be an ability rehearsed and acedbefore applying comparative ideas with understudies (Elston & Gowen, 2014). Theaccompanying picture successfully represents normal devices and plan components of viablePLNs.Figure 1: Designing of Personal Learning NetworkAs teachers grasp getting to be plainly present day information laborers in 21st centuryeducating and learning situations they are empowering and showing the full degree of aggregateadvancement and innovativeness.
INTERACTIVE PAGE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE4Stakeholder AnalysisStakeholderNameRoleResponsibilitiesImpactInterestCommunicationdetailsJoseph AtkinsProjectCoordinatorCoordinate theproject fordesigning theinteractive page.HighHighjoseph@bytc.comJobsHitchcockSupervisorSupervisingvarious projectsbeingundertaken bythe company.MediumLowjobs@bytc.comBeyondTeachingClientThe organizationfor which theproject has beenundertaken.Providingrequirementdetails.LowHighhelp@bytc.comRob MallardProjectmanagerManaging,planning andcontrolling theproject.HighMediumrob@bytc.comMillard SteveMarketingofficerAnalyzing themarket based onsolution that hasbeen determinedfor the company.HighHighmill@bytc.comJacobs MillerBusinessAnalystFocusing on thebusinessrequirements ofthe organization.MediumMediumjac@bytc.comStuart LeverTechnicalLeadAnalyzing thetechnical aspectsaccording torequirement ofthe client.MediumLowstuart@bytc.comTeachersCustomerEngagementwith thecompany foraccomplishmentof
INTERACTIVE PAGE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE5Clear definition of project goalsResearch and Literature ReviewPast Study on Similar ProjectsA Case study of CourseraCoursera trusts in associating individuals to an incredible training so anybody around theglobe can learn unbounded. Coursera is an instruction organization that accomplices with thebest colleges and associations on the planet to offer courses online for anybody to take, fornothing. Their innovation empowers their accomplices to show a huge number of understudies asopposed to hundreds. Coursera imagines a future where everybody approaches a world-classinstruction, which up until this point, has just been accessible to a chosen few (Montgomery,2017). They mean to engage individuals with instruction that will enhance their lives, the lives oftheir families, and the groups they live in.Having a code base that was basically PHP-based turned out at first to be a decenttechnique for Coursera in light of the fact that their courses and applications could be producedand conveyed rapidly. As time advanced, nonetheless, a developing client base of more than 6.3million understudies, a list of more than 568 distinct courses and a rapidly extendingimprovement group, started to feature PHP's shortcomings, and it began to wind up noticeablyobvious that it wouldn't fill in as a long haul improvement stage (Lalmas, O'Brien & Yom-Tov,2014). The group, drove by Brennan Saeta, chose the time had come to begin searching foroptions that met both the physical and designer versatility needs anticipated in Coursera's future.The Typesafe Reactive Platform track was continuing all the more effectively. Thesegments used in the assessment were Play Web Framework and the Scala programming dialect
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Finally, we conducted a feasibility study beyond the teaching platforms and learned about the main requirements of the clients in order to design an interactive page on their platform so that the company can communicate with the teachers while there are no major projects and keep them engaged with the company.