Research on Privacy and Security Features in Cloud Data

Added on - 05 Jun 2020

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Beunardeau, M., Connolly, A., Géraud, R., & Naccache, D. (2016). White-BoxCryptography: Security in an Insecure Environment. IEEE Security & Privacy. 14(5). 88-92.The research is focused on implementation of public cryptographic that works when keysecret is stored in secured environment. However, there are issued identified in when adversariespenetrate the environment. In this context, white-box cryptography (WBC) is an effective layerof protection at software level. As per the research conducted by these authors, it can be statedthat there are different set of changes that has taken place in relation with technology. Themesthat are covered includes WBC, communication activities and software applications.Organizations or businesses interact with the help of application or web browsers on hostservices or mobile devices. This has highly boosted up the growth and contributed effectively inconnecting with customers and enable the environment to get connected to each other. In thiscontext, for security protection, highly exposed environments employ WBC. Further, thisresearch shows that end users are directly exposed to application software host in business. WBCis used in order to reduce the rate of hacks and it is an attempt to stay one step ahead of attackers.Consideration are made for both traditional and latest techniques of WBC. It is essential to haveproper information about the different type of security that enable to protect valuable data.Cao, N. &, (2014). Privacy-preserving multi-keyword ranked search over encryptedcloud data.IEEE Transactions on parallel and distributed systems.25(1). 222-233.The present research is based on the privacy and security features provided into clouddata. Through the help of this journal, the security features of cloud service is focused. The localdata storage options are not able to manage large amount of data, along with this advanceencryption and description techniques are cannot be implemented on them. It is creatingproblems related to the data security. On the other hand with the help of cloud computing accessof the data can be monitored. It helps in maintaining the effectiveness of data and reduces thechances of data breach. It consists of high tech security features due to which security formmulti-keywords can be provided. It reduces the possibilities of third party data breach activities.Along with this it also improves the searching experience of an individual by providing effectiveranking to the keys. It represents that cloud security is able to provide better data securitycompare to other platforms.1
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