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Disciplines of Humanities Assignment

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IWT Task 2Help on this Pagelink opens in new windowDirectionsPrintSUBDOMAIN 112.2 - DISCIPLINES & CULTURAL CONTEXT OF THE HUMANITIESCompetency 112.2.1: Connections Across Disciplines- The graduate recognizes and analyzes relationships within the disciplines of the humanities and how themes and concepts connect across individual disciplines of the humanities.Competency 112.2.2: Humanities and Culture- The graduate recognizes and analyzes the interaction and integration of the humanities with cultures, and how specified cultural attitudes change over time.Introduction:“Knowledgeable interaction with works of art makes life better: We see more of what can be seen, and we hear more of what can be heard. Our entire existence grows richer and deeper.” (Sporre, 2009, p. 2).From your studies, you have seen how culture, societal norms, belief systems, and past experiences affect the way people view the world. Learning about these differences in perspective helps us to have a better understanding of the overall human experience. Whether analytical skills are applied to a task at work, or a humanistic point of view enables us to grasp an issue from another angle, these methods of looking at the world help us become more aware of our perceptions and provide a deeper and more meaningful existence.In this task, you will analyze and interpretthreecreative works fromthreeseparate disciplines of the humanities using methods of subjective and objective analysis. Objective statements are based on simple observations and concrete information. Subjective statements are based on personal opinions, judgments, and feelings. These standard methods of analysis will enable you to critically view and interpret works from the humanities. You will use analytical and critical thinking skills to assess how meaning is constructed and imparted to a viewer or audience and will communicate your thoughts in a multimedia presentation(e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote). While the content of your presentation will focus on analyzing, interpreting, comparing, and contrastingexplain how thethreeworks you analyze demonstrate the value of the humanities in meaningful ways.Background:Develop a multimedia presentation in which you analyzethreecreative works fromthreeseparate disciplines in the humanities. You will need to select works that share a common theme. This theme must relateto a profession within your field of study at WGU. You will share with your audience how being knowledgeable about the humanities and your selected theme is valuable in regards to this profession.First you must chooseoneliterary work from the given list below. Choose a literary work that has a theme that resonates with you and consider how this theme connects with your chosen profession. Every profession within your field of study at WGU (Business, IT, Nursing or Teaching) will have humanistic considerations. For example, a civil rights lawyer may be concerned with the theme of freedom, a firefighter with determination, a social worker with compassion, or an engineer with integrity. It is the intent of this task to explore the major themes of the humanities and their relevance to our professional lives.Once you have selected a literary work, you will need to selecttwonon-literary works from separate disciplines that share the same theme as the literary work you have selected. Your presentation will show how all three works connect to the theme that you have chosen, and how that theme relates to a profession within your field of study at WGU. Thedisciplines: two-dimensional visual art (e.g., painting, photography, printmaking,), music or film (feature films, documentaries). You should choose works that appeal to you personally, are striking to you in some way, and/or evoke a strong response in you. In the presentation, you will show how exploration of the themes of these workshuman experience.Note: Your multimedia presentation should contain 25 to 30 slides. This is not a conventional PowerPoint presentation. You may find that the majority of your slides are most effectively presented in paragraph form, with some utilizing the more traditional bullet point format. You are encouraged to use first person narrative (“I” statements) where appropriate. Your presentation should be self contained and all information should be on the slides (do not use speaker notes). Arrange slides in a way that creates cohesion and flow and use images to accentuate and substantiate points.Note: This presentation should demonstrate the depth of the analysis and reflection that you have done. Your challenge will be to communicate your points through a series of clear, focused, and concise slides that represent your knowledge and convey your unique analytical points and insights.SelectONEwork of literature from the following list (works are available online).NOVELLAS:Death of Ivan Ilyichby Leo Tolstoy, 1886The Invisible Manby H. G. Wells, 1897SHORT STORIES:“The Package” by Kurt Vonnegut, 1952“Johnny Mnemonic” by William Gibson, 1981“The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, 1948“A Small, Good Thing” by Raymond Carver, 1983“Silver Water” by Amy Bloom, 1993
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