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Jail Sentence in Australia English Speech Analysis

Added on - 01 Apr 2020

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Jail Sentence in AustraliaEnglish Speech
Jail Sentence in AustraliaAnalysis1.Journal ArticleCarter, L. (2015, December 2). Short prison sentences 'as effective' a deterrent assuspended senteces: report.ABC News. Retrieved September 18, 2017, from (2015) reports about the ineffectiveness of short prison terms for first timeoffenders in Australia. Using a convincing language, the author cites a research by theNew South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research ( BOCSAR) which notedthat the increasing number of prisoners in Australia is as a result of these constantviolations. The purpose of this artilce is to provide evidence of the ineffectiveness ofthe short prison sentence in correcting offenders.The context of the article is within Australia as a whole although states differ insentencing procedures(Evershed, 2014). Placing an emphasis on effective justice, itdiscusses this notion in the context of the BOCSAR findings. The author supportsreforms in the sentences as a solution for the increasing population of prisoners.Sentences in Australia are too short. Questions about the effectiveness of this kind ofjustice arise because chances of the convicts going back to the violation is high. Thisperspective highlights the cost, benefit analysis of the imprisonment approach.Page2
Jail Sentence in AustraliaThe article analyses the cost of maintaining a prisoner on a daily basis as moreexpensive because it fails to match up to its returns. From the author’s perspective,spending $260 per day on a prisoner is a waste if there is no character change in theoffender. Other reports also note the high number of short-term imprisonments inAustralian state(Landy, 2015). The author terms this process a wastage of resourcesand time because small offenders like drug addicts, and alcoholics become hardenedand worse criminals.2.Digital VideoRubinsztein-Dunlop, S. (2014, July 2). Stricter sentencing sees prison numbers Australia. Retrieved September 18, 2017, from (2014) reports that there are more prisoners in jail because ofthe new trends in crime and punishment modules. The video discussion shows thatAustralias high crime rate is the reason for the increasing rates of imprisonment. Itagrees that this is an expensive but neccessary operation. The article involvesdifferent particpants for a wider perspective on the topic. Among them is the supremecourt Judge who points out that there are effective ways of mitigating theconsequences of crime in society.Its conversational style documents a number of ideas in a subtle, affirmativelanguage. The question and answer approach clarifies a number of issues such asalternative plans to counter the congestion effects. It gives the perspective fromdifferent regions in Austalia such as Victoria and Malbourne. Experiences in thesestates provide conlcusive remarks about the overall national prison conditions.ItPage3
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