Java Programming : Assignment

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Running head: ASSESSMENT 3: JAVA PROGRAMMINGAssessment 3Name of the StudentName of the University
ASSESSMENT 3: JAVA PROGRAMMING1Table of ContentsIntroduction:2The System Overview:2Assumptions:2Developed Prototype:2Conclusion:15Bibliography:16
ASSESSMENT 3: JAVA PROGRAMMING2Introduction:The java programming language has been chosen for building up the model of theCOLLIN’S car parking system. The java Programming is the protest arranged displaying thatpermits making a code dynamic and information dealing with better. Over-burdening oftechniques has been utilized inside the programming. The programming does not cover everyone of the parts of the framework as with a specific end goal to that IoT is required. The modelform of the framework gives appropriate downplaying of the framework functionalities.The System Overview:The proposed system is a car parking system that records the customer data and generatetickets. The parking management system is used for detecting the presence of the cars in theparking area. There are two types of customers, seasonal and general. The System generates twotypes of tickets such as season and general. The season tickets are six types. The seasonalcustomer can choose among 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks or 1 week tickets.The user will select the ticket type during registration. The ordinary tickets will be generatedautomatically based on the day of week and time of the day.Assumptions:During developing the application, it was assumed that the system will not be able toidentify the customers automatically. The system is used for storing the ticket and customer dataonly. The administrator will not have an interface to interact with.
ASSESSMENT 3: JAVA PROGRAMMING3Developed Prototype:As the developed prototype is implemented in the local system java editor, it is notconnected to any of the hardware like pillars, display, money collector and other things. As nodatabase has been used for storing the customer data, the user has to insert his name every timehe try to purchase a ticket. The prototype does not generate any ticket physically or actuallyaccept payment from user. Rather the processes are presented through printing on the screen. Thedeveloped prototype has been generated for providing an idea about how the application layer ofthe system will perform. It does not include, presentation or data layer.Customer(int cid, String name, String address, String email, int contact){this.cid=cid;;this.address=address;;;}The above code refers to the constructor of the Customer class. The parameters defined inthe constructor is for storing the customer data. The screen shot provides an idea about what theconstructor does.
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