Report on Ethical Communication for Business

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JB Hi-Fi Communications1JB HiFi: Ethical Communication for BusinessBy NameCourseInstructorInstitutionLocationDate
JB Hi-Fi Communications2Executive SummaryThe paper aims to highlight aspects of the proper mode of communication within abusiness, in this case concentrating on the JB HiFi Company based in the Australian retailindustry. The research constitutes different areas of interest which include:Organization overviewThe area concentrates on the key data of the company including its history and thejourney towards where the business is at the present. In addition, the section looks into themarket shares controlled by the organization of interest within the industry as well as its rankingamong other competitors. As such, the business is placed in a statistical analysis to determinewhich of the many enterprises command a substantial market share within the industry as well asthe trend involved in the current market dynamics. Consequently, a determination of thefinancial performance my subject of interest is made. Other essential aspects such as theownership structure to determine power structure within a business whether it is run by anindividual or a group. In addition, we determine procedures of elevating people to themanagement level. The physical location and the head offices of the enterprise are discussed.Industry overviewIn this section, we will address the industry to which our company of interest belongs.On that light, we look at the key factors affecting the field. On that light, we concentrate on whatimpacts they have on the livelihoods of people to determine whether many players are requiredor a few enterprises can satisfy the demand of the products in the market. Being in the retail ofconsumer goods, our research will concentrate on the major players to compare to our researchbusiness since most of these goods are necessities hence must be provided in huge volumes inthe market which encourage many investors. The challenges, therefore, should include the aspectof competition within the field and how it shapes the market. To support our arguments the
JB Hi-Fi Communications3claims ought to be followed up with industry reports on comparison as well as the determinationof those with a major command of the industry.Communication StrategyThe section discusses business communication to the external world. We consider thestrategies employed by organizations to enhance the perception the public holds about them. Assuch, the focus will be based on reports made and released through media for the purpose ofinforming the people about aspects they care about or the financial proceedings of theenterprises. On the other hand, the data could be a persuasive move to attract consumers to usemore of their products. In addition, will discuss special communication carried out by anentrepreneur to counter negative publicity. For instance, if an influential person commentedadversely about a business which strategy do they use to clean their name and gain theconfidence of the people who might have changed their opinion based on the former’sdeclaration.
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