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Running Head: FRENCH IMPERIALISM DEFENCE1Jelus Ferry Defense of French ImperialismNameInstitution
FRENCH IMPERIALISM DEFENCE2IntroductionWhen the French nation launched its imperial expansion bid, Jelus Ferry was the PrimeMinister of France and a great renowned politician. The move for his defense of Frenchimperialism was due to the recent developments in world trade which made it urgent for Franceto have more colonies. Such developments included the increased of trade barriers and tradeextreme protectionism in the world trade market. In his argument, other countries had exportmore goods in the world market than France with their neighboring country Germany havingimposed trade barriers and the United States of America has become extreme protectionist in theWorld Trade market (St John, 2016). These acted as trade barriers to the nation of France as thecountry had limited or no markets for their export industrial goods. In his argument, therefore,having more colonies would create more markets for goods out of their country. And thereforethere was a great need for export markets.Arguments against Imperialism raised by Ferry’s CriticsFrance has been one of the superior nations economically, Ferry’s idea attractedcriticisms from other politicians who during the launching of the imperial expansion bid inFrance Parliament. One of the critics (Jules Maigne) argued that Ferry’s idea portrayed a picturethat France had proclaimed the rights of man and that France as a nation had no right to impactregular commerce upon the black of equatorial Africa (Bunce, 2017). Another Critic (DeGuilloutet) argued that Ferry’s idea is trying to justify slavery and promote slave trade. His ideaswere also criticized that as he portrayed France as a superior race that had right over otherinferior races. However, these critics were aimed at providing more understanding of Ferry’sdefense for Imperialism.
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