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Running head:Job analysisJOB ANALYSIS
Job analysis2Job analysisFor performing the job analysis, I will be using the primary Research method i.e. theQuestionnaire method.In this method, a questionnaire is being sent or mailed to the respondents who are anxious andthe individuals will understand, and give their opinion about it and return back the questionnaireafter submitting their response. Moreover, the questionnaires consist of a quantity of questionsthat are either written or typed in a specific order on a form or the set of forms. (Dillman, D.A,2014)I will be also conducting a Pilot Study which is the trial of the main survey which needs to beconducted for testing the questionnaire for the weaknesses and the strength of the questions andfor the techniques that will be used.Requirements of a good Questionnaire are:The questionnaire should be small and straightforwardThe questions should carry on in a logical successionScientific terms and the formless expressions must be avoided.The questions for checking the reliability should be only included in the formAdequate space must be provided for answering or for their feedbacks or reviews as pertheir view pointThe physical appearance of the paper must be attractive that should take the attention ofthe respondents and they should be attracted towards it and fill the questionnaire moreeffectively.(Weigold, A.,2013)
Job analysis3AdvantagesSome of the major advantages of questionnaire method are:Free from the biases of the interviewerRespondents have sufficient time to provide for their views and answersRespondents are easily and conveniently approachableFor more reliability, large samples are being used. (Palinkas, L. A,2015)Problems in performing the job analysisSome of the major problems in performing the job analysis are as follows:Lack of support from the top managementMisrepresentation of dataBeing source of information is only from a single source.Lack of support from the employeesBiased nature of job analystInability to identify the need for job analysis.Possible job description of Mr. WilliamsThe job description of Mr. Williams should be in such a manner that he have to firstly show allthe medical reports as per the criteria of the companies. It has analyzed from the last five yearsperformance that he has been receiving the outstanding rating due to work performances, or dueto its working on time, coming on time and everything.
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