Job Analysis and Assessment.

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Job analysis and Assessment1Addressing Salary Chasm between CEOs and Employees- Investing in Learningand DevelopmentIt is an evident fact that there is a high pay gap between the expectation of the employeesand the offerings made by the employers (Entrepreneur India, 2015). It has not only become acontroversial topic in the media but also has caused dissatisfaction among the employees. Such apay gap might be increased if not the companies take their stand for fair wages and growthopportunities for the employees.Among the three strategies suggested in the article, the most imperative way to lessen thepay gap is to invest in training and development of the employees. There are a number of caseswhere the employees have reported that they do not get enough opportunities to show theirperformance or upgrade the same undergoing any training program. According to the point ofview of the scholarsBartlett and McKinney (2004)professional development of the employeesnot only improves their morale or motivates them to become more committed towards theattainment of organizational objectives but also improves the productivity and performance ofthe company as well (Bartlett and McKinney, 2004).Training and development programs that will be offered to the employees improve thelevel as well as quality of their work. In addition to this, through the programs they would learnnew skills and broaden their understanding to improve their performance. However, in-houseadvanced training takes a lot of time and money which is to be spent by the management of theorganization. However, it is one time investment which could be recovered through improvedproductivity.
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