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Job analysis, Person Specification and Selection Methods Assignment

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Job analysis, person specification and selection methods ofHuman Resource Assistant Occupational PsychologyNabila Dayani20110742Cardiff Metropolitan University
Job analysis, Person Specification and Selection Methods Assignment_1
IntroductionThis report aims to identify the key components for the job of‘Human Resources Assistant’ and draw up the person specifications in the detail with the essential and the desirable criteria for a person in this job. It will be beneficial to match the employees with the suitable skills desired for the suited position of the job. Every position has different necessities and needs in order to fulfill its uniqueness in the organization. Every job required skills, educational qualifications and past experiences. The job analysis helps the organization to understand the requirements of the job in order to fix the responsibilities, duties and authority for the proposed positions. The analysis is usually performed by the Human Resource Department for each job profile present in the organization and suitable employees are appointed using various tools and evaluation measures. This report presents the job analysis of Human Resources Assistant’ and the attributes that the person in this position should have will be included in the report. The attributes presented in the study also provide the desirable and essential attributes required in the person specifications. Also, the reasons for choosing the criteria and the way in which the measurement for the same will happen will be explained in this report.
Job analysis, Person Specification and Selection Methods Assignment_2
Job descriptionJob DescriptionTeam:Human ResourcesPost Title:Human Resources Assistant Posts Responsible to (and Level):Human Resource Manager Posts Responsible for (and Level):NoneJob Purpose: The primary purpose of the job is to provide administrative support in a most effective manner for the position of HR advisors and HR manager through ensuring high quality of service in providing the information of process and procedures of human resource and to examine the processing of data through using the Human resource information system.
Job analysis, Person Specification and Selection Methods Assignment_3
Recruitment ProcessSTAGEDESCRIPTION1. Staffing PlanWhen the vacancy arises, the impact of that position will be considered with respect to the Workforce Plan and the Human Resource Department. The re-designing of the job and the opportunity for reshuffling the staff or replacing/recruiting the staff member will be performed. 2. Job AnalysisThe whole process will be clearly understood by outlining the tasks, duties, responsibilities and the competencies, qualification and aptitude of the candidate. The company will therefore derive a clear Person specification and job description. 3. Sourcing CandidatesThe organization will try to source the candidates using various advertisement and related platforms in the allowed time scale along with the job type and the nature of the business so as to find a suitablecandidate.4. Selection ProgrammeThe applicants will first be short-listed using the CV, followed by a personal interview. The applicants will also go through the aptitude test and the MBTI test. The organization will ensure that all the selection processes are performed with utmost fairness.5. Evaluation of the whole processAfter a considerable time, the selection process and its faults will be assessed and considerations on what could have been done for improving the effectiveness of the whole selection and recruitment process will be performed.
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