Organizational Assignment: Job Tenure among the US Population

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Running head: JOB TENURE AMONG THE U.S. POPULATIONJob Tenure Among the U.S. PopulationName of the StudentName of the ProfessorTitle of the CourseDate
1JOB TENURE AMONG THE U.S. POPULATIONAskThis article is a comparative study with the focus topic on job tenure of the present youngpopulation compared to the generation X. The U.S. department of labor collects the data of jobtenure every two year since 1950s as a part of the population survey.This research had been conducted on the young generation between the age group of 18to 35 as of 2016 and considered as Millennial. This population was likely to born in the period of1981 to 1998. Similar data had been acquired from the labor department of U.S. for thegeneration X that is the generation of the year 2000. These informants of 2000 were of the sameage as the current generation.The primary research question that was aimed for answering through the article was theshift of employee tenure over generations. The comparative study of both the generation betweenthe mentioned age group reflects that there is little modification occurred over the 15 years oftime.ResearchThe research that had been implemented in the article for the completion of the reportwas the survey method. Furthermore, the data used in the article is secondary data. These datawere collected by the labor department of united State using the survey method. They arecollecting this data since 1950s as a part of population survey. The research in this articleaccumulated the data using secondary data collection method. Secondary data are thoseparticular data that had been collected for the purpose other than the current research and alreadyunderwent statistical analysis. The sources of these data that are used in the article are gatheredfrom the labor department of United States census report.
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