Salaries of Nutritionists and Business Analysts


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Joshua Lucchesi posted May 2, 2017 6:16 PMFor this discussion I researched the salary of nutritionists. I rounded each amount to the nearest tenth.Bureau of Labor Statistics: $58.9ksalary.com: $58.4kpayscale.com: $29.3k / $74.0kmoney.usnews.com: $35.2k / $81kindeed.com: $60.7kallp.com: $69.6kallalliedhealthschools.com: $55.3kowlguru.com: $58.6kMean:(29.3+35.2+55.3+58.4+58.6+58.9+60.7+69.6+74.0+81.0) / 10= 581 / 10= $58.1kMedian:29.3,35.2,55.3,58.4,[58.6,58.9],60.7,69.6,74,81(58.6+58.9) / 2117.5 / 2= $58.8k
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The better measure of central tendency is the median salary of $58.8k a year. The median showsan increase amount compared to the mean salary of $58.1k a year. Hi Joshua, you have worked well on this problem with a little mistake. While adding the salary of nutritionists you have used two salaries from payscale.com and money.usnews.com which leads to the incorrect value of the actual mean and median. There are three ways to deal with thissituation, first is to take the smallest value, second depend on the belief if you believe that the largest value seems more appropriate in comparison with others take that one and the last one which is the best is take average of the two and use them for further calculations.Now suppose that the calculated mean value and median are correct, then you mentioned medianwould be a better measure, here you did a great job because when the value of the mean is less that means the data is skewed and in that condition median would be a better measure of central tendency. Brittany Baisley posted May 2, 2017 9:55 PMWhen calculating the mean and median salaries of a business analyst, I focused more so on gathering information from different cities. Most of the time when salaries are calculated, it is based on the cost of living in their area. If someone lives in New York than Dallas, it is more likely for them to receive a higher salary because of their cost of living. According to the measures of central tendency, the mean is used for an average estimate and median is used to find the middle value. Below I calculate the mean and median for an entry level business analyst in 10 different cities.Mean66 + 67 + 67 + 63 + 59 + 63 + 64 + 60 + 65 + 66 = 640 / 10 = 64Median59 + 60 + 63 + 63 + 64 +65 + 66 + 66 + 67 + 67
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