Competency Demonstration Report Jotun Paint Factory

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CE 1.1 Project InformationName of the project:Jotun Paint Factory projectLocation of the project:PhillipinsProject Duration:[Please fill]Organization:PacificTech Solutions, Inc.Role and Designation during the time:Technical Coordination Engineer andElectronics EngineerCE 1.2 Project BackgroundCE 1.2.1 Characteristics of the projectThis project was based on my job for the designing of the project named Jotun PaintFactory, one of a main marine paint manufacturing plant on the planet having branches in morethan 300 nations. It's an European organization began in Norway. They need to put producingplant in the Philippines as well. For that reason my position in PacificTech was TechnicalCoordination Engineer and Electronics Engineer. I have two positions. So as a TechnicalCoordination Engineer, I was working as an inseparable unit with the venture administrator tomake extend conceivable. Incidentally, PacificTech Solutions is an Engineering andArchitectural Consultancy, a Danish Company, The Consulting administration with Jotun beganin January 2015.
CE 1.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectThere are many objectives which are discussed in this report for the design of the Jotunpaint factory. Those objectives are given in the following.To verify the whole outline for the industry as a technical coordination engineer.To connect with the clients regarding the design and the functionality of the websitein order to make the system more efficient.To produce the elements of the industry related to the electronics and electricalengineering concepts.To connect with the project manager with respect to the progress of the stepsfollowed by the projects.To create the outline of the system in order to make the system more efficient andsecure in terms of maintenance.To find out the requirements of the stakeholders related to this projects as the projectcoordinator.CE 1.2.3 My area of workFor being a technical coordinator, I was dependably in the meeting with the undertakingadministrator, bringing down notes and later on making the minutes of the meeting, sending it toevery one of the people included. Along these lines, I was also dependably in contact with theClient. The task chief and I were driving the meeting to know the necessities of the undertaking,
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