Journal Critique on Depression

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Running head: JOURNAL CRITIQUE ON DEPRESSION1Journal Critique on DepressionInstitution’s NameDate
JOURNAL CRITIQUE ON DEPRESSION2IntroductionThe study below is research to establish whether gender is a factor contributing to the riskof depression among adolescent and also among young adults. Latest scientific literaturestipulates that depression has the potential to influence someone’s development and growth,family relationship and in the extreme case, become fatal (Heller, 2012). The study borrows datafrom National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, between 2005-2006 to show therelation between the gender and adolescent.HypothesisThe research hypothesis is the position that gender is a factor of one having depressionamong adolescents and young adults.MethodologyThe research opts to use data from National Health and Nutritional Examination, which isa survey carried out from 2005-2006. The study involves adults and children and is carried outannually to determine the depression status of this group. Precisely, the survey for this studyanalyzed young adults and adolescents from ages 13-21. The sample population used is of 2199participants. To analyze data, SPSS is used and is important to determine the hypothesis (Moreh,& O'Lawrence, 2016). Lastly, there is an elaborate measure to analyze data, that is, is descriptivestatistics by use of frequency, means, frequencies and many others.Results and discussionTo determine the results, application of SPSS is useful. Male’s participants represent 48.6percent which translates to 1,068 while girls take the remaining 51.4 percent which is 1, 131 and
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