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Assignment On Concepts & Theories In Technology

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Added on  2019-09-26

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Journal EntryJournal entry 1 - Day 1On this day, the four assignments that were given were explored in depth to understand theactivities that I was required to do. These included activities related communication and writing,email, process description writing, ethics in technology and related concepts and theories such asRawl’s theory of justice whistleblowing, and winner-take-all-society belief. I created a plan on how Iwould be studying and revising to attempt this assignment and the time I would be devoting to eachactivity. I decided to divide the four assignments into 10 days with each assignment completion intwo daisy’s. The first two assignments had 4 parts to complete that I decided to finish two parts inone day. As the Assignment 8 also had a video lecture to watch which I found could be timeconsuming so I added an extra day to the assignment and planned to take 3 days for thatassignment. Also, the last assignment needed me to explore a book “Winners-take-all” which wasagain time consuming so I devoted a full day to it and thus, planned to give three days. Journal entry 2: Day 2On this day I worked out 2 parts of the assignment four that included comparison of written and oralskill needs and exploration of the characteristics of effective writing teams. There were specificquestions to be answered as mentioned in the assignment such as exploring the types of projectsthat required collaboration and primary attributes of teams to be discussed. As per me, coordinationwas something that could be needed for any project and thus, identifying specific types that wouldneed higher level of coordination was a brain juggle. When exploring attributes of effective team.Most times, I would get general data on project teams and not specific to writing teams so I had todo brainstorming with peers to get to the solution.Journal entry 3: Day 3 & 4On this day, I had to identify examples taken from media or other publications reflectingmisrepresentation or distortions. I found this part very difficult as I was unable to find the piecesonline. So, I explored the articles already covering mistakes in media and found a few to give asexamples. However, there were different categories of examples that I had to choose which I founddifficult and could not complete the same day and it got spilled over to the next day. Although, inwriting the part was small yet in research it took much time and even involved discussions withpeers and I could complete the part by the afternoon on the day 4. Now, I had only half a dayremaining to complete the newspaper checklist assignment that needed me to write a letter. Thiswas simple and I completed it on the same day. Journal entry 4: Day 5On this day, I worked on the assignment 8 involving identification of emails and text issues. I foundsome common problems such as failure of audience consideration, lack of flow or grammar orlanguage errors. I was done with the part A of the assignment by afternoon and it was pretty easy.Then I moved on to the next part which involved writing the process description. As this assignmentwas mostly focused on the writing work, I decided to choose a content writing agency as an exampleand tried drafting process description for multiple scenarios. I chose four such scenarios and startedto write but it was time consuming and took a lot of considerations while imagining the processes. Icould not finish it today.Journal entry 5: Day 6
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