ALJ216 - Feature Writing Assignment

Added on - Apr 2020

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Running head:JOURNALISM ASSIGNMENTJOURNALISM ASSIGNMENTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
JOURNALISM ASSIGNMENT1Identified Featured StoryStrangers are prowling children's social media accounts, but parents aren't paying attention the increased attraction and addition of children to social media1.What Works?As a newspaper article it creates a great and deep impact in the readers’ mind, especially theparents. The article makes the parents think about their children being attracted to the socialmedia. In addition, the article highlights the issues of social media addiction among the children,adults and teens.2.What Doesn’t?As a newspaper article it is finely depicting the present scenario of the people over the socialmedia attraction, especially the younger people, but it creates no impact on the same. However,the parents and the adults may understand the dangerous condition of people in terms of socialmedia attraction. But the people tend to ignore this kind of article without proper and seriousapproach to it.
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