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Running head: JOURNALISMSydney Photography Society in The Big World of Small BeingsStudent NameUniversity nameAuthor Note
JOURNALISMImagining a world without any images is impossible. Imagining a world without insectsis possible, maybe for most of the entomophobs, but it is not for the macro photographers. Theworld has many wonders hidden in its lap and it is the artists who bring them forward to theouter world. Macro photographers are such artists who explore such unexplored territories ofnature. As Murakami talks about the trees, a macro photographer feels that the stars are the smallliving creatures of the nature, they are alive, breathing and watching the humans. However, it isthe macro photographers who reciprocate to those ‘non existing’ beings with equal importance asa fashion photographer does with his model. The backdrop also becomes significant backdrop tocapture the right beauty of the subjects. It is not just a green curtain that serves as the backdrop,for any outdoor photographer the nature matters a lot. The photography treats thee nature like itscanvas and the strange creatures as their muse. The significant difference from other genres ofphotography is that here the manipulation with the subject is not desired. The subject acts, reactsin his own natural terms and the real challenge for the photographer is to capture a preciousmoment and giving it a value of its own.Sydney has always been an exciting place for the photographers from around the world.The diverse landscape, rich wildlife, artistic architecture and vibrant streets, there is a lot to see,experience and capture in Sydney, said the talented photographer Shivam Sureka. He is amember of The Macquarie Photography Society (MPS) based in Sydney, Australia. Shivamspecializes in macro photography. Not many of the readers can get excited with the idea ofcatching a bug or spider in the jungle and photograph it. However photographic artists likeShivam presents a different aesthetics of photography. The macro images of the jungle or fromthe domestic may evoke disgust in the superficial perspective but once the spectator sees theclose image of the creature he will realize that superficially considered repulsive insect is
JOURNALISMstrangely beautiful. The macro photography is that genre of photography that is capable ofraising questions to the preconceived notion of beauty of the viewers. This is echoed in whatShivam states, that macro photography has opened up a new world for him. Capturing themotion of a moving insect is equal to capturing a moment beyond reality as the subtlemovements cannot be seen in naked eyes.Photography is about freezing a moment of reality through the plasticity of the technicalmedium but it is controlled by the imaginative human mind and experienced technical skills. Asan experienced photographer Shivam explains that it is not easy to choose a specific genre ofphotography at the starting, the forte should be developed gradually through experimentations ashe did during his initial phase of photography learning with portrait, landscape and other kinds ofphotography. When a photographer takes a slice of reality and takes it beyond the realisticimplications, he becomes an artist but above that when he establishes his own style through it, hebecomes a photo-auteur. Art does not always has to reflect the socio political situations directlyall the time. There are certain eternal earthly aspects that has never-ending appeal and nature isone of them. The mysteries, the unexplored territories, the apparently invisible gems hold beautythat are yet to be explored and brought to the surface. The photographic societies with theirtalented and enthusiastic photographers are devoted in the mission of exploring such areas ofhidden beauty. Also often artists forget that the nature and world is not only about humans, thereare other smaller creatures who the humans often tend to ignore. The ignorance results in the lossof certain beautiful moments that these macro photographers are determined to capture. AsShivam refers it to the other world. It is the big world of little creatures with their own uniqueactivities. Presenting the diverse images of the different world with aesthetic excellence isdrawing significant amount of attention from the industry experts.
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