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OVERVIEWAMAZON an ecommerce business giant is theleading cloud computing service provider andthe best known online shopping website fromselling book to business giant what is the storyof AMAZON and What are the reasonsmaking it so efficientPLANNING Planning behind Amazon being the bestbusiness giant is it concentrate on targetaudience that is studying the behaviour ofcostumer to upgrade it’s services and servicesmade for internal use like cloud computing isavailable to outer world as amazon webservices and getting more profitANALYSISWithin 10 years of small span Amazon hasplaced itself in such situation where nocompetitor can beat it in and as cloudcomputing sevice provider .Whether it isefficiency or scalability it has worked properlyand satisfied its customerCONCLUSIONThough there are some key areas on whichAmazon need to work like reviews fromcostumer and it’s Search engine Optimizationtechnique it has worked efficiently andremarkably in this ecommerce worldEXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF BECOMING AMAZON A BUSINESS GIANT
INTRODUCTION With the advent of 20thcentury we have witnessed the rise of two new terms“Cloud Computing”and“Big Data”, which is actually a new definition of technology nowadays. But we never give it athought ,”What is Big data and Cloud Computing is”? and “How it has changed our everyday life” ?.Cloud Computing is a way by which computing services are delivered on internet these services canbe anything from servers to database, networking, softwares everything as a service is provided oninternet you don’t need to buy them for your in house use with a advantage of scaling it up as per yourdemand increases and scale it down if no more needed so elasticity is one of the positive point whileBig data as the term indicates a huge amount of data it is large volume of data which can’t beprocessed and accessed by old existing software,Why do we need though we use to save our datafrom olden time but usage of this data is what Big data have taught us .We can use this tremendousdata for business intelligence such as taking decisions to study patterns of human behaviour and whatnot, With these two terms one term which is walking hand on hand is mobile platforms these are theplatforms or the interface with which users connect or interact with computer like with help ofWindows ,I am interacting with my laptop to open Microsoft word so that I can make this report sowindows and MAC two terms ruling the laptop. Apple and Android are ruling compact portablescreens like tab, mobile phones. Ecommerce one of the most promising and prominent industry have made fairly good use of thesetwo upcoming technologies to increase their business and market value .In this report ,I havepresented “How big ecommerce company like Amazon have made use of Big Data ,Cloud Computingand mobile platforms as theirbusiness strategy to upgrade their turnover” .In this report I will throwsome light on the point where Amazon industry choose the path of Cloud computing and Big Data,whether it was a right decision or not ,What was its consequences ,Whether it yield positive result ornot.FINDING AND ANALYSISAmazon was the fastest growing ecommerce industry when it got into Cloud Computing the reasonbehind is simple the Ecommerce platform of Amazon has increasing traffic everyday.Though it was agood news as business point of view but they were running out of options as to How to deal with thisincreasing demand “Infrastructure “is what they were lacking .Solution to this problem was reliableand scalable infrastructure though they were on high risk on developing such scalableinfrastructure ,because it will cost 70% of total business to build such infrastructure .UNCODING THE ACTUAL IDEA OF CLOUD COMPUTING It was back in 2003,When Jeff Bezos realize that their business is growing fast day by day but thereis something which is missing was IT which was not matching the speed of demand .Team of websiteengineers and networking infrastructure engineers have to waste so much of their time ,then theysuddenly realize that they are lacking reliable ,scalable and performance oriented Infrastructure .Idea was to built it internally just for Amazon but anyhow idea which strike the founder was Why not to make business out of this infrastructure .If they are running out of resources there must beother companies as well dealing with same problem. Key idea was coupling and abstraction of theapplications which can be done by their so called reliable and scalable infrastructure ,which ismaking it quite easy to manage everything and thus they decided to sell it outside ,Iaas (Infrastructureas Service).In 2006 they launch their first product EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) then leads toSaaS(Software as a service) and PaaS(Platform as a service) and thus making Amazon Web Servicesas number one cloud service provider and don’t have any challenging competitor

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