Justice & Change in Global World

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Running head: JUSTICE AND CHANGE IN GLOBAL WORLDJustice and Change in Global WorldName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1JUSTICE AND CHANGE IN GLOBAL WORLDNursing Burnout due to high workloadA Global issue where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realized isnursing burnout due to high workload. Workload is associated with the volume of nurses.Nursing workload measurement occurs while assessing the patients. Burnout has been associatedwith nurses. Nurses are facing the higher workloads due to increase in the demand of the nursesfirstly. Secondly, inadequate supply of nurses. Thirdly, the hospitals have reduced staffing andincreased the working hours. Fourthly, since the workload increases it results in jobdissatisfaction among the nurses which further contributes to higher nurse turnover. Globalissues have changed the world drastically. Over the years, there were global difficulties thatshared responsibility for the common good, which is not being realized. Burnout refers to amental, physical and emotional exhaustion that is facilitated in the different professionals due togreat pressure and workload. The nursing burnout has a few contributing factors that has animpact on the nursing professionals (Chambers, Simmons & Wackernagel, 2014). Commongood is not being realized and recognized due to various reasons. On the contrary, justiceconsists of morality of individual rights and global common goods. Justice also deals with globalhealth policy of individuals. Relationship between the community and self can be realized(Klinsky et al., 2017). A renewed importance on the dignity of human beings based on solidarity,action and advocacy was expressed by Pope Francis. The concept of common good was appliedin ancient times. It chiefly dealt with the maintainability of the community’s responsibility.Politics is widely known and it fascinates the demands and interests of individuals. Individualswho are present in the world faced global issues. Global challenges are generally faced to resolvebut were criticized instead on policy networks, advocacy, governance and regulatory networks.The common good must have an impact on all decisions people make in their lives. Examples of
2JUSTICE AND CHANGE IN GLOBAL WORLDCST is to maintain the life and dignity of the human person, care for God’s Creation, Call tofamily, community and ParticipationThe ways to address the challenge of advocacy networks is to seek to amend the policiesgovernment, institutions and corporations. The oversee networks exist to examine institutions toensure that they behave ethically. For instance, the forum of human rights watches the problemsor issues of ethical behavior and the nature of individuals. Globally the standard network hasdeveloped technical operations. The technical operations guide the individuals to socialize andconnect with each other. With the help of the internet, individuals were made aware of globalnews across the world. The global health system should do justice to the individuals by adjustingwith the excessive growth rate in the population. The issue that is challenging is dignity andcommon good of humans affecting the nursing practice. There is another consequence ofextreme burnout in the nursing professions. It deals with the behavioral change in the nursingprofessionals towards their patients. Imbalanced treatment and lack of admission to healthcareservices and cultural ineptitude with exhausted resources are the social and economiccomponents of health. The healthcare issues among the Australian population are improvingoutstandingly. Knowledge networks developed and shared ideas to resolve the global problems.To solve the global problems of individuals, a thorough research was done. Research includedchildren’s health research and global network of women. The theory of policy network intendedin establishing governmental policies even when non-governmental players existed. These helpto reduce and solve the challenges of the individuals. Another reason to address the challenge ofadvocacy networks is to seek in order to scrutinize institutions to ensure that they behave andnature of individuals.There is discrimination in the healthcare system due to the economic andsocial determinants that are involved in relationships. Inequalities in healthcare arises as an effect
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