Justification of other data structures and design issues.

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1.Justification of other data structures and design issuesAns: 2 Dimensional array data structure is also a good option to use it, It’s better forperformance as it has random access. Array has contiguous memory allocation and thus we canaccess it randomly. So Ii has fast access and can beneficial when size of matrix is so large.2.Description of stack implementation and justification for choiceAns: Linked list based stack is an option for calculating the determinant for matrix of differentorder. As linked list is data structure which uses memory chunks which are not contiguous so itan memory saver data structure and give as better performance in terms of memory.3.Discuss stacks - Was it a good choice for this lab?Ans: Performance wise it’s not best but considering the memory it is an good option.4.Discussion of algorithm efficiency – time complexityAns: Time complexity of this algo is size of list * complexity for recursive call to calculate theminor matrix. Recursive call for calculating minor would be linear. So complexity should beO(n*n) i.e. O(n^2)5.Discussion of algorithm efficiency - space complexityAns: Space complexity is size of node * number of node.6.Potential use of recursionAns: Solution is recursive as its being calculated by calling minor matrices. Minor matrix is sizesmaller than parent matrix. This would be done until we get 1X1 matrix.
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