Justification of System Development

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Justification of system development:In today technology world where all dependent upon the technology and we do not waste ourtime in managing the files, we must go with the information technology. If we use theinformation technology in our work place we must reduce the work load, mistakes by human,and the most important we save our valuable time.Hospital is the place where we serve the patient, it need more care as well as accuracy, andusing the information technology we can provide the best facility to our patient as well as themember of medico staff. Followings are the steps that will give the detailed information ofthe proposed medico information systems are:Performance:In current we manage all the records or information manually, it is time consuming and morechances of human error. If we use the information technology we can reduce the manualwork as well as less chances of error.Efficiency:When a new patient is registered into the medico system the patient record is automaticallysaved into the patient database, when the treatment completed the bill is automaticallygenerated.Control:The administrator or the manager of the medico system can control the system, they can onlygrant the person who can access the data, no need to worry about the privacy of personalinformation.
Security:Security is always our top concern, for the medico information system we provide the username and password to every registered user, so only registered user can access the system.Description of the business case:Medico is a multi-specialty hospital; here we have multiple wards and various doctors andstaff member. Every patient is treated by doctors and given the prescribed medicine to therespective patient, if it is required the patient is admitted to the respective ward of the medicohospital and after the complete treatment the patient will be discharged. Before discharge ofthe hospital the bill is prepared and patient needs to pay the bill before discharge of themedico hospital.Justification about the business benefits:Business benefits are always expected from the development of any new system, followingsare the business benefits from the new medicos’ information system: Proposed informationsystem for medicos provide multiple benefits to the medical professional, staff member of themedicos hospital, and also the customer.The doctors can check the patient status from online; can prescribe the medicine online if anyemergency. The staff member can manage the patients and other records in very organizedways and can also fetch the information easily. It reduces the manual work load.The proposed Medicos information system provides two types of business benefits:1.Tangible benefits:
It will minimise the human cost, when the medicos system is fully automated, so wecan reduce the manpower. It also increases the productivity of medicos system,because when all system is automated there are less chances of human error.2.Intangible benefits:Using the proposed medico’s information system we can increase the patient or customersatisfaction and if our patient is satisfied with the medicos hospital it will definitely impact onour business. Using the medicos information system we can improve our corporate image.Project Scope:Following are the scopes of our new proposed medico information system:1.Single login page for all the user of the system (patient, receptionist, doctors, andother staff member of the medico hospital) after successful login the system willredirect to the users page.2.Every users need to be registered first into the medicos hospital before login intosystem.3.Patient can view the doctors list, take doctor appointment, and view the availablefacility in the medicos hospital, can check the operation fee etc.4.Doctors can view the patient medical history if the patient is regular patient of themedico’s hospital (because every patient record is stored in the new proposedmedico’s information system.5.Patient and doctors can cancel their appointment if for any reason they are notavailable for appointment time. It will save valuable time of patient as well asdoctors.6.The patient bill is prepared by the system and send to the patient when theirtreatment is complete.
7.System will record the patient, doctors, ward, and the all staff member records in amanaged way. So when anyone needed any specific information from the medicohospital they can get it easily.Cost analysis:Following table shows the expected cost analysis for the new proposed medico hospitalinformation system:DescriptionEstimated CostLicensing$1500Hosting$750RequirementAnalysis and Design$12,500CustomDevelopment$11,750Setup/Configuration$1850Training$1550Maintenance$3500Total$33,400It is the recommended business rule for any organisation the benefits always outweigh thecost. And for the medico hospital system we analyse the cost and benefits. Followings are thetechniques which are used to analyse the cost analysis for the medico hospital.Net Profit technique:In this technique the net profit of the medico’s hospital is the difference between the total costand the total income over the project.
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