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KAHUNA CLEANING SUPPLYPart A[Type the document subtitle]ABC[Pick the date]
Task 1: Fact-finding PlanThe aim of the fact finding plan is to gather information that is relevant to the development ofnew system so that no mistake happens and the implementation is successful. The fact findingplan will help in answering the questions like Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why?For finding the facts, interviews will be taken that will help in gathering the informationfrom the particular people who will be involved in establishment and implementation ofthis system. The interview will contain the open ended questions as they will give adetailed explanation about the stem and its requirements.Then, the document review will be done. This will help in determining that how thecurrent system should be and how the new one should work. In this, the copies of theactual forms will be obtained and the operating documents will be scanned that are in usecurrently. Observation will be used for verifying the statements that were made in the interviews sothat the validity of the procedures is determined. Questionnaires will be formulated for obtaining the input from a large group of people. Itwill have a range of relevant questions.Finally, research will be done using the internet sources, books, IT magazines etc. Thiswill help in secondary research. 1

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