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Key Challenges of Retaining the Workforce PDF

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Running head: KEY CHALLE NGES OF RETAINING THE WORKFORCEKey Challenges of Retaining the WorkforceNameInstitution
KEY CHALLE NGES OF RETAINING THE WORKFORCE2IntroductionWhat gain does it have in retaining an employee in the construction industry? Does it addany sentimental value or benefit to the organization? And how can we manage to attract the mosttalented employees and retain them in the presence of competitive construction firms in themarket? These are some of the questions that an employer should ask himself if he/she expects tobe successful (Reifels & Pirkis, 2012). Attracting talented staff and being able to retain them aretwo distinct entities that require closer attention and keenness of the employer. Gone are the dayswhen money or a handsome pay slip was what attracted employees to work for a in theconstruction firm or organizations (McGowan, 2016). In this contemporary world of today withever changing technologies and preferences, employs look at several things before they acceptjob at any of this sector. Several factors interplay in order to draw their attention towards thefirm. This paper will focus on an evaluation of employment and retention of the workforce in theconstruction industry.Being in charge of a construction firm or organization, it becomes your desire to drawgreat attention and attract workers to you, an aspect that improves the ability of the managementto retain the workforce. This is due to the fact that having them retained in their work willtransform to increased productivity and outstanding/conspicuous services to clients leading totheir satisfaction. This calls for strategic human resource management involving criticalmeasures undertaken when hiring workers, discipline of workers management of payment andsalaries. Furthermore, it involves how you involve your stocks of competence in a collaborativemanner to enhance the performance of the organization, boost retention and improve the qualityof work experience thus calling for HR planning.
KEY CHALLE NGES OF RETAINING THE WORKFORCE3HR planning is theability of a firm’s management to identify current and future human resourceneeds for the firm which leads to firm performance and achievement of it goals and objectives. Itis the primary determinant of weather the firm will be able to retain its stocks of competence ornot. Proper planning of human resource will help act as a link between the management of stocksof competence and the overall blueprint for the organization. The strategy helps the organizationto achieve the most out of its valuable and scars assets in the competitive construction industry.A number of techniques can be applied in this industry in order to attract and retain thesehighly qualified staff (Orr & Topa 2016, P. 90). First, the culture of the organization plays amajor role in attracting prospect employees who are highly talented and even retain them.Culture goes a long way in building the reputation of the firm which is actually the big picture ofthe organization. What is it that you do to ensure you have a favorable and conduciveenvironment for your employees to enjoy working? What kind of rapport have you created in inthe firm that will make the employees to co-exist mutually and even get along with their fellowemployees. Providing a stress-free environment that gives room for compassion, trust havingforemen who are understanding and supportive will make individuals to be automaticallyattracted towards your firm and even help retain them.A culture that allows the workers to enjoy automation and solve their individualchallenges creatively with their clients is the most effective for a construction industry(Buzzanell, Remke, Meisenbach, Liu, Bowers, & Conn, 2017). Having a culture of corporation.Business culture involves working together as a team, being transparent. Despite the fact thatmany employees want a handsome pay, they also desire having things that money cannot buysuch as joy while working. An environment that ploughs happiness and a sense of security intheir daily endeavors
KEY CHALLE NGES OF RETAINING THE WORKFORCE4The absence of leadership skills in the construction firm can be a major setback for anygiven company that intends to attract and retain its staff (Knox, 2015). The inability to be incontrol of the workforce in the firm paints a bad picture to talented job seekers who may have thepotential of increasing the rate of production in the firm. However small or big the constructionfirm is, it should try to take the initiative of training its leaders with the best skills that willenable them to attract more workforce. It becomes very difficult for construction firms such asRoyal BAM company which was ranked fifth in 2015 as the best construction firm. To retain itsworkers if there is a general stereotype that has been developed either by the workers concerningtheir leaders who may have fall short in their leadership skills (Oliffe, Rice, Kelly, Ogrodniczuk,Broom, Robertson, & Black, 2018). This intern calls for the firm to change its technique such asputting more emphasis on a person rather than the whole leadership mechanism. This will helpchange the stereotype thought held by workers and work towards remaining at the top of thegame.The attraction that Royal BAM construction firm gives out to the prospecting employeesis highly facilitated by the kind of leadership the firm has. Who would wish to work for a firmwhose leadership styles are questionable? (Rose, 2012). Talented employees are attracted only tooutstanding leadership within the firm. Employees will feel contented if those in charge providea conducive environment to work. A firm that has leaders who motivate and encourage theworkers will attract most talented employees and even help to retain them thus translating tomore profit by the firm.The presence of effective leadership in the firm will go a long way to make theemployees enjoy working with this construction firm as they will see work as fun and even builda sense of security (Nichols, 2016). This involves giving honest report and feedback to the
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