Enhancing Elderly Care through Social Science Research


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Key Issues in Health Care
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IntroductionAn older person is considered those people whose age are surpassing or nearing the lifeexpectancy of human beings or these are the people who are at the end stage of the humanlifecycle. In this paper, we will discuss the different issues related to the older group or thedifferent policies developed to provide them effective services. Furthermore, we will also discussthe role of social science in providing different health facilities to the old age group people. Afterstudying all this, we are able to conclude how different politics views or policies influences theprovision of services for this group people. This provides us significant knowledge about thedifferent provisions and facilities for old age people and views of the politics regarding olderpeople. Current IssuesOlder people faced various issues related to the policies and politics of the government. Themain issues faced by the older include different assumptions of the people regarding, the olderpeople (Campbell, 2014). They consider that the older people are less ambitious, dynamic, andhardworking. They faced issues regarding following policies of government:Employment: At the employment level most of the employers treat the older persons in abad manner. They think that they are less hardworking and unable to cope with pressureand challenges. Due to this point of view they face various problems and feltdemotivated. Healthcare: Older people also faced various problems due to the provisions of thegovernment regarding health care services for older citizens. They faced problems in1
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finding a family physician and a lack of treatment for particular medical conditions(Prince, 2015). Furthermore, the older people receive limited benefits coverage regardingthe health care system. Due to this, the seniors need to pay more for medically-relatedand dental services.On the other hand, they also faced different age discrimination issues which affect their mentalcondition as well as physical condition to a larger extent. This will lead dissatisfaction in themind of older people, and they want to give away from their family members and the society. Policies for Older GroupThe government of the UK takes various initiatives to improve the life cycle of older people. It develops various policies to help them in living their life successfully. Some of them are following:DWP establishes the ‘Ageing Well’ program with the partnership of local government association (Tinker, 2014). The main motive of this program is to support different councils to provide a good quality of life for older people. All this has done through offering different types of local services that are specially designed to meet their demandsnow, and in the near future. Welfare Reform communications toolkit: It is the new paradigm of providing services to older people. This was done through informing them about different changes and their specifications.2
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