Kim 1. Juhee Kim. Dan Hurley. English 102. 02/01/2017.

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Kim1Juhee KimDan HurleyEnglish 10202/01/2017Short ProposalThis research paper aims at revealing the effects of the television shows of Crime SceneInvestigation to the public.The CSI effect is a phenomenon in which the forensic science oncrime television shows influences public perception. It really does exist in reality because jurorsexpect more scientific evidences which are shown inside the television criminal case. And alsojurors have unrealistic expectations of forensic science during a criminal trial and affect theirdecisions in the conviction.It has negatively impacted the criminal justice system. Audience ofthe paper would be general because the paper intends to increase awareness of the public inmatters regarding the effect of Crime Scene Investigation Shows to the general thinking of boththe juries and the civilians.The Crime Scene Investigation shows have a primary role indetermining the how the court may rule against a given crime being investigated in the particularshow.
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