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Assignment On Kimono In Geisha | Japan

Added on - 14 Feb 2020

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Kimono is being regarded as one of the most defining feature of Geisha. Kimono is thetraditional clothing which is being wore by the Japanese people including Geisha. The kimonowhich Geisha wears has the neckline that dips low on the back. The Japanese found the necklineof women more sensual. It is the reason why the kimono of Geisha is made in a manner so thatthe respective women can show off their sensuality to the Japanese men. In addition to this, theGeisha who wear the given cloth puts heavy white make up with elaborate hair style. This isdone, with an aim to induce men towards them(Geisha: Kimono, 2016). The kimono whichGeisha wear has the two layers which is of hada-juban and naga juban. In addition to this, theGeisha kimono is incomplete without obi. Here, obi is the long silk piece which is tied aroundthe waistline of Geisha. This is used with an aim to enhance the waistline of Geisha in moreeffective manner. Here, obi plays very effective role. It helps in holding kimono more closed aswell as it also helps in providing elegance to the women who wear it. Furthermore, obi also givesupport to the back part of Geisha. Hence, this is all about the kimono of Geisha.Illustration1: Geisha kimono
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