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Kingston UniversityLondonFaculty of Science, Engineering and ComputingSchool of Natural and Built EnvironmentsDepartment of Civil Engineering2016/7TRAFFIC COURSEWORK (CE6012)The aim of the coursework is to analyse an existing T junction and propose a new designwhich would accommodate the increased traffic.This coursework is to be carried out inpairs. The report should include:- An introduction: aim of the Traffic Assessment (refer to the National PlanningPolicy Framework); photo of the group collecting the data;- Information about the traffic survey, type of survey and obtained results.Explain the use of PCUs;- Location, diagram and picture of the junction being considered and generalinformation about the traffic flow on the major arm and minor arm;15 marks- Using the survey data collected and Junctions 8 prove that the junctionworks. Comment on the results (LOS, type of traffic flow, etc);- Manipulate the data, with a rationale (i.e. the impact of a new developmenton the local traffic; generated and attracted trips), to make the junction fail.Assume a growth factor between 1 and 2. Comment on the results (LOS, typeof traffic flow, etc);20 marks- Produce a viable solution, i.e. a roundabout design, drawn up using Vehicletracking (AutoCAD);Show the LOS of the 3 arms (attach A3 drawings with all relevant technicalinformation: geometry, visibility, entry path curvature);20 marks- Prove that the LOS of the proposed upgrade is satisfactory. Use the ‘Refreshdata link’ icon to generate the Vehicle tracking roundabout into Junctions 8and analyse it using the increased traffic data;25 marksCheckthat an articulated lorry (British, FTA 1998 16.5m) canmaneuverroundthe roundabout by carrying out a swept path analysis (attach A3 drawing);Discuss the workability of the solution;20 marksAll Figures (diagrams/photos), tables and appendices need to be given a number, acaption and a citation where appropriate and all AutoCAD drawings with title boxes are tobe folded to A4 sizeReferences should be cited and listed using Harvard style;Report should be word processed with a maximum of 3000 words excluding diagramsand references.
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