Creativity vs. Knowledge Assignment

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Demonstrating experience of effective communication and the process that enabled inrelation to improving performance.........................................................................................2Reflecting how working and communicating in a professional or academic contextinfluenced individual’s performance, behavior and experience.............................................3
Demonstrating experience of effective communication and the process that enabled inrelation to improving performanceCurrently I am working in Yodel, which is one of the largest delivery servicecompany. This company is mainly involved in parcel deliveries made taking orders in thecategory of B2B and B2C market. Now, company is serving leading retailer of UK anddeveloped effectual image by offering quality services to the targeted customers. Recently, Iam working a driver in this company and having responsibility to deliver all the parcels ontime. In order to comply with company’s objectives pertaining to delivery of quality andtimely services as well as maintaining customer satisfaction effective communication ishighly required. As per Driscoll's model of reflection, I had experienced several events andthereby found effectual communication as key for business success (Edwards, 2017). Earlier,I experienced problems in fulfilling my accountabilities due to having ineffectivecommunication. Moreover, earlier message pertaining to deliver parcel was distorted due tolong hierarchy. In other words, message was passed from several authorities who in turnresulted into ineffectual communication. I learnt several lessons from this event and assessedthat co-ordination among authorities highly required for meeting client’s requirement timely.With the motive to compliance with firm’s objectives and criteria’s I have takenseveral initiatives for improving communication aspects. Thus, for dealing with all theproblem prominently I have started to follow 7 C’s of communication. It includes aspectregarding clarity, credibility, continuity, capability, channels, appropriate content andcontext. Moreover, quality parcel delivery services can be done only when all theinformation’s are precise and clear (Nicol and Dosser, 2016). Accordingly, I have startedwritten communication with the concerned authorities with a motive to avoid all the potentialobstacles or barriers. On the basis of this type of communication, I have serrated to practiceto receive all the details via mail. Moreover, mail contains all the information regardingaddress where delivery needs to be done. Along with this, mail also includes informationabout time, contact number of concerned authority, organization’s name. This in turn avoidspossibilities in relation to duplication as well delaying in parcel delivery services to thesignificant level. This type of communication facilitates performance improvement to thesignificant level. As, in the case of having issues in delivery I can contact to the concernedauthority (Smith, 2016). Through this, customer satisfaction and loyalty can be built and
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