Knowledge Management, Technology & E-commerce.


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Knowledge Management, Technology and eCommerce
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1. Introduction
The business environment has become much more polarised as well as uncertain and this
is because in today’s world, the business leaders are experiencing different classical model of
competition. It is found that the traditional playbook for strategy is not much sufficient and
across all the business organization, competition is becoming much more complex as well as
dynamic. The organizations are taking the help of Knowledge Management, Technology and
eCommerce which will help the business in coming to the forefront.
In this paper, the benefits of Knowledge Management, Technology and eCommerce are
elaborated in order to showcase how they are helpful in transforming the operations of Tesco
which is one of the British multinational groceries as well as general merchandise retailer. In
addition to this, the paper also reflects how Tesco is using the concepts of Knowledge
Management, Technology and eCommerce to exists in the present competitive market.
2. Discussion
2.1 Knowledge Management, Technology and eCommerce
According to Abualoush et al. (2018), knowledge management is mainly defined as one
of the systematic managements within the organization’s knowledge assets for the proper
purpose of creating proper value and for meeting the tactical as well as strategic needs. It
generally consists of a number of initiatives, processes as well as strategies that generally sustain
as well as enhancing the storage, assessment, sharing as well as refinement. The concept of
knowledge management is utilized by the organization for improving the decision-making
procedure of the organization by properly accessing different types of knowledge within the

entire organization. In addition to this, KM generally helps in enabling and encouraging sharing
of different types of ideas, collaboration as well as cess to the latest information.
On the other, it is stated by Bennett, Segerberg and Knupfer (2018) that technology
generally helps the business in maintaining proper data flow as well as managing different type
of contracts for maintaining the records of the employees. Technology generally helps the
business for operating quite effectively with very much minimal manpower for reducing the cost
of undertaking the entire business quite effectively. It is found that due to the utilization of
technology generally helps in streamlining the operating costs as well as helps in providing
access to different types of information as well as supplies (Hitt & Tambe, 2016). Furthermore,
technology generally helps the business in understanding the need of the cash flow for properly
preserving the resources including time as well as physical space. It is found that different types
of warehouse inventory technologies generally let the business owners for understanding the
ways for successfully managing the storage cost for holding a particular product. With the help
of proper technology, it is found that executives can be able to save both time and money by
properly holding meetings over the internet.
It is opined by Akter and Wamba (2016), the prevalence of e-commerce generally helps
the organization in growing and there is no sign of slowing down. It is found that the
organizations generally help the organization for reducing the cost in order to create proper
process in order to manage the paper-based information by successfully digitizing the
information effectively. In addition to this, e-business helps in providing proper opportunity for
reach a greater number of customers (Rahayu & Day, 2015). Moreover, availability is found to
be another important benefit of e-commerce website and it helps in providing a number of
opportunities to the different retailers in order to get proper feedback, testimonials as well as

suggestions to the customers. Moreover, positive reviews help in creating a brand image on the
product for building trust in a greater number of customers. Lastly, creation as well as
management of proper online store is considered to be much more efficient when it is compared
with the physical store as it helps in optimizing the cost.
2.2 Ways in which Knowledge Management, Technology and eCommerce are transforming
the business operations of Tesco
Knowledge Management
According to Valmohammadi and Ahmadi (2015), suggesting one new knowledge
management method is generally dependent on the model of communication framework and it is
found that Tesco have proper IT infrastructure as well as data mining. The new knowledge
management-based framework mainly utilizes current method in order to justify the knowledge
effectively (Girard & Girard, 2015). This is considered to be quite important to justify the
knowledge effectively. In addition to this, the new KM mainly reflects on the employee’s
perception which is generally not exploited by other competitive retailers in UK. Therefore, it is
considered as one of the major competitive advantage for Tesco.
It is stated by Hislop, Bosua and Helms (2018) that Tesco mainly spreads explicit
knowledge to its various employees during the time of assembly line production analysis which
is considered as one of the monthly procedures which is followed by the company for each of its
employee. It generally needs to reflect a proper documentation by effectively explaining the
explicit knowledge that is mainly associated with the work that is done within a month (Nonaka
& Toyama, 2015). Moreover, the Tesco employees also explains different types of shortcomings
through the tasks that they performed so that they can leave an effective room for achieving

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