Urban Regeneration in Korea

Added on - 24 Apr 2021

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Running head: KOREAN URBAN REGENERATIONKOREAN URBAN REGENERATIONName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthors Note
1KOREAN URBAN REGENERATIONRegeneration is generally referred to the urban transformation practices, whichis done through reconstruction, re-design and re-allocation of urban land (Vickery2007). However, regeneration is considered differently when applied to any particularregion. Such as in cities, it is quite clear that the complex factors elements are more ascompared to the rural areas. In the current scenario, urban policymakers have laidgreater emphasis on reconstruction of hard infrastructures like building, transport andland systems. This further is related to the improvements in "soft infrastructure" such aseducation, training and other business support services. Moreover, social infrastructurerelated to regeneration is also included that comprises of health, housing andcommunity networking. Thus, urban regeneration is regarded in the much wider, multi-faceted sense (Pedro 1996).The central and local government has to balance the needs and interests of allcommunity sectors. Moreover, it should also be kept in mind that the lawful right of anyparticular group is not sacrificed.(Hankuk University 2011). Urban regeneration is alsointerrelated with place marketing. According to Holland’s and Vail's research, the mainidea for creation of three elements related to place marketing constitutes material form,geographic location and place related to values and meanings. This is known as ‘placeimprinting’ that means to encompass both social and geographic effects related to thatplace (‘place-doing’). This is also related to how it is created and re- created (‘place-making’) (Hollands 2015). During the year 1980s culturally led urban development isgenerally highlighted.Examples:According to its history, each city makes it own development and planning
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