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Lab: Configuring BGP Routing.

Added on - 19 Sep 2019

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Lab: Configuring BGP RoutingObjectiveThe overall objective of this lab is to configure BGP routing between two routers so that there is a routedBGP network connection between computers in the two LANs. You configure the network topology andthe IP addresses for the appropriate router interfaces. This requires that the serial connection betweenrouters be configured and enabled.TopologyFigure 1:The Network Topology for This LabKey ConceptsThe following concepts, terms, commands, and steps should be mastered in this laboratory exercise.1.How do you configure BGP routing?2.How can you assign the AS number?3.What are the steps to configure theneighbor IP address and remote-as 65001?4.How can youadvertise the network to its BGP peers?5.Examine the use of theshow ip bgp sumcommand.Reference TablesFor convenience, Table 1 provides the IP address and mask of all necessary interfaces used to completethe lab.Table 1:The Computer IP Addresses, Subnet Masks, and Gateway Addresses for Lab 9Computer/Interface – R1IP AddressSubnet MaskGateway AddressPC110.10.12.1255. – R2IP AddressSubnet MaskGateway AddressPC210.10.30.65255.
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