Laboratoire 1. GTI100 – Programmation en génie des TI.

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Laboratoire 1GTI100 – Programmation en génie des TIDurée :3 semainesPondération :10 %ScénarioThe aim of this laboratory is to perform a small set of numbers using the basic concepts of object-oriented programming. In this scenario, you are mandated by a company, CasualMathApps, to realizethe prototype of a new set of numbers called Average sum, the basic concept is as follows: Given a purpose ("Goal" in the example: 73) and a sequence of digits (in the example: 6 3 2 2 6), it is requested to group the digits for the old names they have Somme gives the desired goal. In the example: 63 + 2 + 2 + 6 = 73. A player determines the numbers he wishes to group by selecting the cases: either by clicking on a single name or by clicking on a number and by sliding on the second one (for example from 6 to 3 to give 63). Each time, a different color is assigned for a new grouping. The unselected cases are white. In the example, the player to group 6 and 3 for the former 63, and clicked on the first 2. It has to click on the other digits 2, then 6, to reach 73 and win. All the boxes must be grouped together. When a player wins, all cases go green. If the player gathers all the cases and the sum of the numbers formed does not correspond to the goal to be reached, then all cases turn red. The information is displayed: the goal to be reached, the sum formed by the currently grouped names, and the current number of groupings made by the player (in parentheses on the capture).

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