Lack of cultural insensitivity in HCl.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Lack of cultural insensitivity in HClThe main issue found due to lack of cultural insensitivity was the barrier in verbalcommunication. Not only the language difference but the understanding of the difference as theresponsibility of the parties so as to learn the language for communizing with each other was amajor issue. The organization could not localize groups and could not create clear and conciseidioms for causing misinterpretation of the message. This miscommunication lead to variousissues in the workplace which is worsened due to the increased demand of customers to presentthe products in their own language. Further, a lack of personal space has created additionalbarrier in implementation of a smooth verbal communication. Therefore, there is an immediateneed to realize the importance of localization and internationalization among the employees. Themanagement failed to have a clear respect for the working and operations of the functioning ofthe organization in front of the employees. In order to deal with this issue, the organization mustensure that the employees are localized and made to understand the expectations and goals of theproject. This will ensure creation of consistency among the team members. In the similarmanner, the employees must be trained irrespective of their rank and hierarchical level andencouraged the pride and teamwork for the outcome of the project and regular staff meetingsmust be conducted for enhancing the communication. This way the language barrier will beeliminated and a consistent and barrier free verbal communication will proceed in theorganization.
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