Landscape Analysis Use affinity diagrams to categorize and

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Landscape Analysis
Use affinity diagrams to categorize and prioritize
business needs and issues
Landscape Analysis
Landscape analysis is a type of organisational analysis.
In business analytics, a landscape analysis is a part of a business plan.
The aim of this is to find the potential collaborators in the business i.e., do a
market analysis and map competitors.
The process of this analysis breaks down to three steps
Identificationof key organizations in a field, sector or location.
Classificationof those organizations by relevant characteristics (Org. type,
target audience, mission)
Evaluationof how they’re performing.
Why do we need Landscape Analysis?
A better understanding of the wider business context in which you are operating can help you
design your strategy to maximize your impact. Some benefits can be:
Saving Time & Money
We can avoid a problem that is foreseen.
Innovating and Improving
How to improve and/or innovate the work.
Making Actionable Decisions
Knowing what others are doing can help avoid
Identifying Opportunities
Differentiating your organization from others in the space is key to success
Affinity Diagram
What is?
The Affinity Diagram is a method which can help you gather large amounts of data and
organise them into groups or themes based on their relationships.
Why we?
It is used in situations that are unknown or unexplored by a team, or in circumstances that
seem confusing or disorganized, such as when people with diverse experiences form a new
team, or when members have incomplete knowledge of the area of analysis.
When do?
When we have many facts or ideas in chaotic situations
When the issues seem too big and complex to grasp
When group agreement is necessary
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