NUR1113 Law Ethics And An Introduction To Leadership In Nursing And Midwifery


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1 LAW AND ETHICSCase Study 1‘Last wish’ can be defined as the rituals performed by the care givers as immediatelybefore death of the person as per his last wish. ‘Last rights’ may be administered to those whoare meant to be executed or terminally ill. It is essential to fulfill the last wishes of the dyingone and honor his dignity at the time of death. ‘Social Exchange Theory’ can be stated as a social psychological perspective thatdetermines any change in the society or its stability. The core properties of the ‘SocialExchange Theory’ are based on the interdependence and the egomaniac nature of the people. The octogenarian couple Betty and Derek lives in a home and is suffering fromserious illness. They both are attached to one another and always stayed with each other ingood and bad times. Betty is suffering from bilateral macular degeneration and is consideredto be blind and her severe arthritis makes her to use wheelchair while Derek was sufferingfrom pneumonia and his condition is deteriorating gradually. He refused to be admitted to thehospital and want his spouse Betty to be present beside his death bed. Betty was informedthat her husband is dying and that she must be beside him in order to fulfill his last wishes.When Betty’s attendants was about to take her to her dying husband, she found that herwheelchair is not working properly and that it was unsafe to use the chair. Her husband diedwithin the time they relocate another. They have decided to take Betty to her husband anddecided not to inform her of his death in her absence. I would also decide to lie to Betty regarding her husband’s demise keeping in mindthe mental and physical condition of Betty. Betty would certainly become grief-stricken at thenews of her husband’s demise and that she failed to fulfill his last wishes [ CITATIONWol15 \l 1033 ]. This may have a long lasting impact on her which is called complicated
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2 LAW AND ETHICSgrief. This complicated grief may push her in to depression and will be responsible forserious illness [ CITATION She15 \l 1033 ]. Betty should be lied regarding her husband’spassing way prior to her arrival as this may cause the post traumatic stress disorder. Betty isalready suffering from two serious illnesses and if she undergoes the grief for not fulfillingher husband’s last wish, she might die from shock [ CITATION Str13 \l 1033 ]. Betty wouldalso feel guilty at the thought of not being there with her husband at the hour of his death andin the process failed to fulfill his last wish. Betty uses wheelchair as she was suffering from severe arthritis for the past few years[ CITATION Ban14 \l 1033 ]. The wheelchair is the only means of her locomotion and itshould be maintained. I feel that priority should be given to Betty’s health at this point. Thelocation of another wheelchair in order to replace the damaged one is more important thanfulfilling the last wish of her husband. The exchanging of the Betty’s wheelchair made herlate to meet her dying husband but if Betty used that damaged wheelchair, there was aprobability that she might face with an accident. This would make her suffer more and wouldhave been difficult for her to bear the physical pain. The fifth proposition of the Homan’s theoretical propositions discuss about theemotional outcome in different situations. The nature of the relationships according to thesocial exchange theory is that relationships are dependent on one another and that it is aprocess. This case study reveals that both Betty and Derek are interdependent and that theyaccompanied each other.Conveying of the bad news to the spouse or the caregivers is a stressful event to thephysician and requires special skill. The possible reactions that comes forth on hearing thebad news includes initial reaction of the shock, denial which involves the defense mechanismand the acceptance of the situation, anger which can vary from mild expression to violent
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3 LAW AND ETHICSbehavior [ CITATION All13 \l 1033 ]. Once it is expressed, it gradually tends to decreaseand is expressed either on oneself or on the hospital staff and professionals associated with it.Guilt can be another outcome of this news. The suppressed anger and the self-blame is thecause of the expression of the guilt. Betty would probably suffer from guilt feeling for not able to stay beside his husband.Betty was aware of her husband’s illness and was informed that he would pass away soon[ CITATION LiJ14 \l 1033 ]. This made her prepared mentally about the anticipated death ofher husband. Betty was therefore, taken to her husband and after sometime she would beconveyed the news of her husband’s demise. It would be easy for Betty to accept the news ofher husband’s demise and at the same time she would not feel guilty at the thought of notbeing there with her dying husband and not keeping his last wish. I would have assured Betty that her husband was still alive and that she needs to waitfor her wheelchair to be replaced else there would be a possibility of her facing with anaccident. The matter should be handles with extra care as they both have shared everymoment with each other and she would want to spend this last hour of her husband’s death[ CITATION Kni13 \l 1033 ]. Their caregivers failed to do so and the knowledge of thiswould greatly affect her and may cause serious physiological illness. She may get in todepression for not being able to stay beside him. The above discussion showcases the physical condition of the couple and the last wishmade by Derek. In spite of trying, Betty did not able to stay beside her dying husband. I feelthat Betty should not be informed about the demise of his husband. Betty, herself is sufferingfrom severe illness when she was detected with bilateral macular degeneration and her severearthritis made her use wheelchair [ CITATION Joa17 \l 1033 ]. She is also suffering fromvery poor hearing. Considering this in mind, I think it is better to lie her so that she would not
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