Civil Law Assignment (Solved)

Added on - Dec 2020

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Laws and tourism:Both laws and tourism is difficult as well as complex toexamine. But rules and regulations of tourism industry is different according tocountry the laws are civil law, consumer protection law, health & safety law andthe criminal law. So, some laws that influence travel sectors are mentioned below:Civil Law:- If a person believes that any individual or the organisation is doing aswell as committed the civil wrong then that person can file the case and completefor the claim from them. The high court of England is in London as they hear thehigher value cases not all the cases are considered.Criminal Law:- If a person is believing that a crime is committed by the personwill immediately require to file the complain to police and after the investigationpolice get conformation that crime is committed by the same person thenindividual will be charged for that crime. A report need to be send to crownprosecution services as well. Thomas cook make sure that no criminal activitiesare undertaken in the organisation.Health and safety legislation:- The main aim of this law is to protect customersand workers from risk at workplace. So, it enforces certain responsibilities onemployers as well as employees. This law help Thomas Cook to facilitates aframework for assuring health and safety of whole workers those who are workingwithin organisations.1.1 The legal and regulatory framework of the travel and tourism sector withreference to England and WalesLegal framework is a panoramic system which involves rights, obligations on therules as well as the regulation by the government. The laws, decision making,agreement are also get effected by the rules and the framework. As the countriesare developing so tourism sector is in the chance to develop as well as lead and infuture this sector will be considered huge economic sector. For the tourismregulation some legal frame work is introduced. Every country has differentregulations for tourism sectors. Assistant manager of Thomas Cook have to knowabout the legal and regulatory frame work which help them in organising trainingevents for Retail Travel consultants within company. The court, legal professionaland the laws which they need to follow timely.Courts in United Kingdom:Country court which deal with the cases are relatedto the land, property, etc. The magistrates court deals only with the civil andcriminal cases in UK. Crown court deal with criminal suits only. House of lordsdeal with the both civil and criminal cases. Tribunals for taking the decisionstaken by the legal instruments not by the court.Legal ProfessionalsThere arethe different types of laws and to handle them there are differentprofessionals which helps the organisation in several as well as numinous ways.The legal professional of UK are Arbitrator & Mediators, Judge, Barrister, Legalcashier, Legal executive, solicitor etc. these professional will help people andprotect them from several discriminations. The legal professional is: Judge: Thesolicitors and the barristers can be appointed as the judge in UK. The judge makesensure of the fair and safe proceedings as well as the decision need to be taken ina corrective way. Barrister: These are advocates and legal advisers in thecourtroom. They basically pit the legal argument in-front of judge as well as thejuries. They have to appear in the court whenever it is instructed by the court.Legislations and ethics in travel and tourism sector
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