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1LEADERSHIP1.0 IntroductionLeadership is important factor for refining the skills and competencies of the followers.An effective leader enhances the positive traits of its followers and suggests them suitabledirections through which they can improve. Grohar-Murrayet al. (2016) also stated thatleadership explains that in order to accomplish any mission or objective, ‘people’ are the mostimportant unit and their traits need to be considered. Stacey (2012) furthermore depicted thatleadership helps in overcoming three challenges-generating a shared vision, setting effectiveobjectivesandproviding strategic directionalong with developing effectual strategies.In this essay the leadership traits of Tony Abbott is taken into consideration. Tony Abbottis an Australian politician born on 4th November 1957 (BBC News 2018). He is the 28th PrimeMinister of Australia and served this designation from the September, 2013 to September, 2015(BBC News 2018). This essay will address the work history, educational background and familybackground of the leader. The discussion will be followed by the approach of leadership thatTony Abbott had followed and the discussion is also supported by relatable leadership theory andsome actions that the leader had taken to demonstrate the effectiveness his leadership style. Thisessay will also illustrate of the details of the key challenges Tony Abbott had faced as a leaderand the process to overcome those challenges. Lastly, an overall conclusion will be presentedbased on the discussion.2.0 DiscussionTony Abbott’s parent was Fay Abbott and Richard Henry Abbott (BBC News 2018). Inthe year 1960, Tony Abbott’s family migrated to Australia and they settled in Sydney. The
2LEADERSHIPprimary education of Tony Abbott was from St Aloysius’ College, Sydney and his secondaryeducation was from St. Ignatius’ College, Sydney (BBC News 2018).Tony Abbott has abachelor’s degree in Economics and after that he has completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) inthe year 1979 and 1981 respectively (BBC News 2018). He has also accomplished his Bachelorof Arts degree in Philosophy from The Queen’s College, Oxford (BBC News 2018). Aftercompleting the educational phase, Tony Abbottworked as a journalistin several magazines andnewspapers like ‘The Catholic Weekly’, ‘The Australian’ and ‘The Bulletin’ (BBC News 2018).He alsotrained as a Catholic priestbut changed his mind for not continuing and later in LiberalParty, heworked as an adviserfrom 1994 (BBC News 2018). Tony Abbott has alsoserved asanemployment ministerunder the former PM John Howard from the year 1998 and 2001 andfrom the year 2003 he served as aminister for health and aging(BBC News 2018).The leadership style followed by Tiny Abbott isAutocratic leadership style. Bhattiet al.(2012) portrays that in autocratic leadership style, the leaders considered himself as a boss andintends to impose their directions and regulations on the people without giving properjustification. Ng'etheet al.(2012) furthermore supported this argument by stating that onfollowing this leadership style, the leader cannot assess the final outcome of the people’sresponse towards their decisions as the leader think their decision is the best and they dent tolearn new things. Tony Abbott in this case does the same and follows autocratic leadership style.People think that he misused the prime Minister’s designation and impose some legislation to theAustralian economy that is not beneficial for longer run. This action can be best exemplifiedthrough an incidence, where Tony Abbott marked “carbon tax repeal” as his greatestachievement during his ministry and according to him the taken action is most beneficial forwomen. Tony Abbott made the statement that by repealing the carbon tax; household’s average
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